Tata Steel BSL Limited recruitment policy is designed to attract the right talent at the right time, to enhance the net worth of human capital and to obtain the best possible person-to-job, which will contribute to company's efficacy.


The Company's Recruitment Policy aims at:

  • Being fair and reliable
  • Being non-discriminatory on the grounds of age, religion or disability

We also do have the internal referral process for the recruitment of desired candidates.


Campus Internship Program

Tata Steel BSL offers an excellent training opportunity (internship program) for a maximum of six weeks to pre final year engineering and final year management students from selected campuses across the country. The relationship teams carefully select the summer interns and each summer intern is given a challenging live project to work on during the period of their internship.

Each trainee/intern has to present his research work report/presentation on completion of their project to concerned department. The executives of department evaluate the task of each trainee/intern and then recommend Pre Placement Offers (PPO) to the selected students based on their performance.

HR keeps a close contact with these candidates till the time they finally join the company.


Apply Online :

Note: Please upload txt,doc type file


Job seekers Alert !
It has been brought to our notice that certain individuals are misleading job applicants by claiming themselves to be employees of Tata Steel BSL Ltd or as authorized job agency of Tata Steel BSL Ltd. They have been misguiding the candidates to deposit certain amount of money in lieu of providing employment or as deposit towards travel for final interview round, etc.
Tata Steel BSL Ltd does not take any such fees/facilitation charges in lieu of employment.
Anyone dealing with such an agency/employment portal/individual will be doing so at his/her own risk and the Company will not be held responsible for such loss or damage suffered directly or indirectly.