Manufacturing Area's
BHUSHAN has set up the technology of manufacturing a very new coated product called BHUSHAN GALUME being the brand name. This alloy coating consists of 55% Aluminum and 43% Zinc and the balance contains Silicon around 1.5% to affect excellent adhesion to the steel substrate.

Galume Production Technology:

This coating is given on the cold rolled substrate processed from selective Hot rolled coils with selective chemistry for getting the desired mechanical properties specified by the customers. The Galume product is made by the continuous hot dip process. The cold rolled coils are welded end to end and passes through 3 stage degreasing section for achieving excellent cold rolled strip surface. The coating system is 2 pot system- premelting pot and the main coating pot. The bath chemistry is continuously controlled and monitored at the pre melting pot which continuously feeds the main coating pot through the refractory tunnel.


Technological backups:

The coater technology is the latest from GFG, USA and thermo Radiometric – Germany and special high jet cooling tower from UK. We have tie up with M/s Henkel Chembond Surface Technologies Ltd for the supply of chromating chemicals and acrylic coating and 0n line continuous monitoring for the coating control and salt spray analysis in addition to our on line monitoring by quality control deptt.


Quality control:

We have full fledged laboratory with test equipments- Emission spectroscope for the chemical analysis, computerized Universal testing machine with stress-strain graph for tension tests, surface finish tester, Hardness testers using both Vickers and Rockwell scales, LFQ testing machine, Cupping tester, on line Radiometric and off line chemical lab for coating mass, salt spray tester for corrosion resistance, and Humidity chamber.

Galume market:

We have produced about 3,00,000 MT as on date from the commissioning of our Galume production. Our line is fully booked and hopes to produce continuously about 1,30,000 MT per month.

In India, we are supplying Galume and Pre-painted Galume to reputed companies. To mention few of them, we supply to Kirby, Tigger steels, Lloyds Insulation, Multicolor, GSP Power, ERA Metal Bldg, Unimet Profiles, Isolloyds Eng, Color Roofing, Hawells India Ltd, MG Industries, Ganga roofers, Metco Roof-Pondy, Century wells and others. Our 80 % of production is exported to various counties all over the world, USA, European Countries and Spain, South Africa, Italy and South East Asian countries. There are no Indian standards for this product. We have established our product in international market against ASTM / EURO and AS standards. It is imperative to mention to you that now our product or brand is preferred over Arcelor and Blue scope. Some of our Global direct customers are Defer co-USA, NOVO Steel USA, Toyota Tshuho, America Nialco SA Belgium, Savogni Italy, Gibbs Steel, South Africa, Arcelor BarbaDOS, Global Roofing-Durban and others.


R & D efforts:

For continuous bench marking of our product quality, we keep carrying out testing from outside laboratories. This has resulted in continuous upgrading of the process parameters confirming to any international standards. Further, we have online backup SGS inspection for all test parameters up to the point of dispatch. We are IS0 900l certified. Our products are accompanied with mill test certificates and packing lists.