Good waste management characterizes of handling, monitoring, treating, reuse and proper disposal of the residual. At BSL, we thoroughly follow the appropriate steps to achieve the desired output for solid waste management. We have installed state-of-art effluent treatment technologies for treatment of effluent generated in different production units. Quality of treated effluent is maintained as per norms and reused within plant complex in various purposes. No effluent is allowed to go out and thus zero discharge status is maintained. Sewage treatment plants have been established for treatment of sewage generated from colonies and offices.


Legal compliance and satisfying needs & expectations of Customers.

  • Utilization of waste gases:

    Waste gases generated from blast furnace and coke oven are used for power generation to conserve energy

  • Plastic waste management:

    Plastic waste is sent to ACC for using as fuel

  • Incinerator:

    An incinerator has been established to manage municipal solid waste generated in the township

  • Solid Waste Management:

    From a steel industry variety of solid wastes are generated. In order to handle all these solid waste we have to adopt eco-friendly methodology to ensure statutory compliance and keep environment pollution free. Fly ash is disposed into mine void and fly ash bricks are made. Slag from blast furnace is given to cement plant for cement making. Many other wastes which are generated in various units are sent to sinter plant to use in sinter making.