"Diversity enriches any large organization and enhances its collective capabilities. a clear, shared vision is a key requisite to successful diversity management."
"At BSL, we believe in the power of five – People,Products, Customers,Culture and Values."

We envision a future that puts us in the lead role in this dynamic Indian steel industry and amongst the top key steel players globally. At TATA, we not only dream big, but achieve bigger. We are always adding more value to our products and services through innovations. The company plans to expand its production capacity from 5.6 million tons to a grand 12 million tons.


We at BSL have a firm grip on the present and a sharp eye on the future. Our foremost priority is pioneering the products market with best quality and price offerings, along with attainment of highest level of customer satisfaction. With this vision about to become a reality, we are steadily marching towards an even brighter future.


The values and culture at Tata Steel BSL will stand tall to ensure a thriving working environment that is safe, healthy and clean. We are a company that cares – about its people, its environment and its community.