Best Hair Dryers in India (May 2022)

Looking for the best hair dryers in India in 2022? Look no further! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of India’s top 10 best hair dryers in 2022. We’ve got you covered, from budget-friendly options to high-quality, durable products. So whether you’re looking for a new hairdryer or want to upgrade your old one, check out our list!

In this article, we will be discussing the best hair dryers in India based on several factors, including price, features, and user ratings, so whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly option or something that offers more features and better performance.


Best Hair Dryers For Men & Women

Difference Between Men’s and Women’s Hairdryers:

You may ask why there is a difference between men’s and women’s hairdryers when the same functions can be achieved. Well, the answer is simple.

Due to the unique shape of a woman’s head and neck, their hair tends to fall over the shoulders and around the face, thus creating more volume and making it harder to get all of her hair dry. On the other hand, men’s heads are more oval, with more minor round features. This means that all hair can be dried in one go.

The most significant distinguishing factor between the men’s and women’s hairdryers is the size of the bowl. Both fans are made from ceramic and have three heat settings and two speeds, but the women’s bowl is more significant to accommodate longer hair.

Best Hair Dryer For Men

1. Havells HD3162 Men’s Hairdryer:

Havells HD3162 Men's Hairdryer

The Havells HD3162 men’s hairdryer is ideal for a stylish man. It gives you a smooth, glossy finish that lasts all day. The hairdryer’s ceramic heating technology helps protect your natural, shiny hair and voluminous body.

The cool shot button and turbo button give you even more style options. The hairdryer comes with a diffuser, concentrator nozzle, and a 3m long power cord. This offers all-around styling convenience. You can use it on any hair texture with ease.

Get a professional styling experience every time you brush or blow dry your hair with the HD3162 men’s hairdryer from Havells. This hair dryer features a high-performance motor with 3-speed settings and a three-level shot of cold air to give you complete control over your style.

  • A strong 1565 W motor
  • Concentrator nozzle with a thin wall
  • Technology for heat balance
  • Button for a fantastic photo
  • The handle cannot be folded.

2. Nova NHP 8100 Men’s Hairdryer:

Nova NHP 8100 Men's Hairdryer

Nova NHP 8100 Men’s hairdryer with nano-ionic ceramic heater and ionic technology. This design dryer gives you more effective styling. Enjoy the exclusive hairstyling experience.

Nova NHP 8100 is a professional hairdryer designed with lightweight and durable ABS plastic and comes with an ergonomic handle. The interior is lined with high-heat-resistant PTC thermistor wire, and temperature settings will be limited automatically to avoid over-heating. Adopting the best reformation technology and design can make hair smooth and untangle easily and prevent static electricity and ensure no harm to hair.

  • The product, as mentioned earlier, distributes heat uniformly, resulting in no product damage.
  • The Ionic technology provides the hairs with the necessary lustre.
  • The quality of the material utilized is excellent.
  • During operating, the product creates a lot of noise.

3. Philips HP8100/60 Men’s Hair Dryer:

Philips HP8100/60 Men's Hair Dryer

The Philips HP8100/60 men’s compact hair dryer with ionic technology is designed to achieve healthy-looking hair without causing damage; thanks to the integrated ion generator, the Philips HP8100 men’s compact hair dryer generates a flow of negatively charged ions that penetrate your hair and accelerate the drying process, minimize frizz and allow your hairstyle hold up for longer.

The Philips HP8100/60 adds style to your bathroom with a glossy chrome look. It’s powerful 2000 W motor creates fast airflow and impressive results, mainly thanks to the HPI™ technology that reduces drying time by half. Two-speed settings and a nozzle provide excellent control over styling so you can create just the look you want. 

  • A thin concentrator is included
  • Very useful, especially for travelling
  • Storage hook that is simple to use
  • The warranty is for two years
  • 1000 watts of power
  • Working at a sluggish pace

4. Urban Nova Professional Hair Dryer:

Urban Nova Professional Hair Dryer

Urban Nova Professional hair dryer is a lightweight, quiet and effective hairdryer. It features a diffuser and concentrator nozzle for voluminous curls, waves or beachy waves. The included folding stand is perfect wherever you choose to style your hair – desktop or bathroom counter. A dual voltage feature allows you to take it anywhere in the world.

The Urban Nova hair dryer is powerful, lightweight, and portable for the styling professional. Equipped with a high-performance AC motor and full-size heat control to deliver a flawless blow-dry every time. From salon to home, this top of the line hair dryer will be your favourite styling companion.

  • 2000 W strong AC motor with negative ionic technology
  • Mode of good health
  • Extra-long power cable
  • A manufacturer’s warranty does not cover the hairdryer

5. Havells HD3151 1200 W Foldable Hair Dryer:

Havells HD3151 1200 W Foldable Hair Dryer has a foldable handle making your travel hassle-free and easy. It has a compact design that can fit in your luggage with ease. It comes with an excellent shot and 3 heat settings to dry your hair faster for your comfort.

The HD3151 Foldable Hair Dryer from Havells can reduce frizz and give perfect tension to hair strands. It is a lightweight but powerful hairdryer that reduces the tangling of hair. This salon-quality dryer comes with soft curl attachments, a turbo heater and an impressive lifetime warranty.

The Havells HD3151 1200 W hair dryer comes with an easy to use switch so that you can diffuse your hair with the dryer on. It also comes with four heat settings to help you achieve different levels of styling perfection and a two-speed setting to allow for finer control. The folding handle is flexible yet sturdy, which allows for ease of use, and folding and storage when not in use.

  • It has a long-lasting foldable handle
  • A cool-air shot is included for more styling possibilities
  • There are three different heat settings on it
  • Has a vigorous operation that produces immediate results
  • Some users have noted that the game heats up

Best Hair Dryer For Women:

6. VEGA Insta Glam Foldable 1000 Watts Women’s Hair Dryer:

The VEGA Insta Glam Foldable 1000 Watt Women’s Hair Dryer. This innovative hair dryer features a folding handle, and lightweight design comes in 10 colours and has three intensity settings to suit any style you may have.

You can use this hair dryer everywhere, including on your clothes and after tanning lotion, with the excellent tip. The instant heat system will warm up the titanium ceramic coated grill instantly, making it one of the fastest hairdryers on the market to give you that salon-style finish in no time! Vega Insta Glam hairdryer has windproof sections and flip diffuser attachment buttons. This lightweight, high-speed hair dryer is recommended for all hair types and can be easily folded for convenient storage.

  • Good quality product at a reasonable price
  • Hair damage might occur if used for an extended period
  • The auto-cut heat function is quite convenient
  • There is no diffuser

7. AGARO HD-1120 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer :

AGARO HD-1120 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer is the intelligent choice for today’s woman who wants manageable hair in less time.HD-1120 features soft, composite ceramic and ionic technology which gently dries your hair without frizz and damage.

It has a low, medium and high heat setting perfect for all hair types, while a balanced heat ceramic tourmaline dryer cuts drying time by 25%. The AGARO HD-1120 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer comes with a professional-grade diffuser that detangles while drying while also reducing even more drying time.

This hair dryer features four heat/speed settings, a gentle cold shot button, an ergonomic grill for easy airflow, and dual voltage for use worldwide. It’s equipped with an 8′ long power cord for added reach and a rubberized handle for added grip and comfort. Its lightweight design makes it easy to hold.

  • With a mighty wind flow too swiftly, dry hair
  • On a lower speed, you may style your hair any way you like
  • The cold shot helps keep the hair in place once it has been heated Because hair remains in the position in which it cools
  • The condenser helps to focus the flow, which is very helpful if you want to produce curls or style your hair
  • The varied speed and temperature options provide a variety
  • The excellent shot is just a shortcut to switching to high airflow and low temperature
  • The condenser appears to leak air around the borders, so it does not provide a consistent flow, but it still performs the job

8. Philips Women’s Hair Dryer BHD318:

The Philips women’s Hair Dryer BHD318 blows gently through the hair while controlling heat settings to make styling more accessible, safer, and convenient. This hair dryer offers a 10-year limited guarantee and an integrated airflow design with gentle ionic technology. It has a tourmaline ceramic filter to reduce drying time and intense heat damage to your hair, plus a brushless motor for extra safety.

The Philips BHD318 hairdryer is a compact and lightweight dryer that features ion technology to lock in moisture and natural oils, helping to eliminate frizz. This hair dryer has a unique braided cord attachment that helps prevent damage to your hair. It fits easily into your purse or travel bag for use on the go. The combination of long-life motor and ceramic coating makes this product ideal for all hair types.

  • Doesn’t harm hair because it has another attachment to keep distance from hair and heat.
  • Doesn’t damage hair because it has another attachment to keep distance from hair and heat. It’s simple to use and store (since it’s foldable)
  • Smaller plugs will be found in every room, while larger ones will be found towards the back

9. Havells HD3201 Foldable 1500 W Silent Hair Dryer:

Havells HD3201 Foldable 1500 W Silent Hair Dryer is a perfect solution for your daily needs. Its handy and straightforward design makes it easy to carry and maintain hair while travelling, and its foldable handle gives you room to tuck away after using it. The soft-touch body makes sure that your hands won’t feel discomfort. It has elite digital control, which regulates speed for convenience and gives you total comfort in your hands.

Havells HD3201 Foldable Hair Dryer with 1500 W is equipped with the Ionic Purifying System, Tourmaline Ceramic Technology, Soft Grip Handle for a comfortable grip and 3 heat settings.Havells HD3201 Foldable 1500 W Silent Hair Dryer comes with 5-speed settings and 2 attachments (Concentrator and Diffuser).

  • The appliance, as mentioned earlier, features a hot and cold setting for drying and styling the hair.
  • Ionic technology dries hair quickly while preserving moisture.
  • Because the hairdryer is of good quality, it will last a long time.
  • The device’s handle heats up after prolonged use

10. Philips HP8100/46 women’s Hair Dryer:

This Philips HP8100/46 women’s Hair Dryer features advanced technology that helps to create a smooth, glossy blowout in half the time versus conventional blow-dryers. You will experience the ultimate in style from the first use, thanks to its high-performance AC motor and sophisticated ceramic hair chamber.

The HP8100/46 women’s hairdryer is engineered with a powerful AC motor that minimizes time in the salon and dries hair faster. The high heat negative ions boost shine while protecting hair from split-ends, breakage, and damage caused by heated styling tools. Two heat and two-speed settings add versatility. All parts are made and assembled in France, design registered in the US.

  • It’s simple to use
  • There are two heat settings
  • The cable is rather long
  • Head that heats up quickly
  • Heat concentrating narrow head
  • Switches off automatically
  • A 2-year warranty is included
  • According to several users, the heating coil has burned.
  • The overall quality may be better

What is a Hair Dryer?

A hairdryer is a personal care device used to add body and shine to the hair by accelerating the rate at which water evaporates from wet hair.

A hairdryer is a tool used to blow hot air over wet hair to remove moisture quickly. A hairdryer will help you get dressed quicker, especially when you are running late for a meeting or out at night on an exciting date. A hairdryer is a small but vital piece of equipment, and it’s essential to choose one that is powerful and capable of getting the job done. A hairdryer, also known as a hairdryer or hairdryer, is an electric device used to create a current of air. This air is then forced through a narrow nozzle, which causes the air to move at high velocity, drying the hair or other materials. It can be used while showering to remove excess water from your hair and body or during the actual styling process.

A hairdryer is a small, portable appliance that facilitates and expedites the process of drying and styling hair. It typically consists of a high-speed fan that blows warm or hot air over a concentrator nozzle or thermal heating chamber to dry the hair. A hairdryer, hand dryer or blow dryer is a device that helps remove dampness and excess water from hair. Hairdryers rely on intense airflow to dehydrate the cuticle of microscopic hairs in the skin’s upper layer and accelerate the evaporation process.

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How Does a Hair Dryer Work?

First of all, inside is a fan that produces low pressure and blows air. Then the air passes through heating coils made out of glass and releases heat onto the air. The hot air goes through another chamber, called the diffuser. It looks like a fabric or paper cone that makes the airflow calm down into regular puffs of air. The air then leaves the body of the hairdryer and onto your head!

A hairdryer uses the same basic concept as a hairdryer: Electricity is used to heat a block of metal, which produces heat. That heat then turns air around it into hot air. The hot air is then shot out of a narrow opening onto your hair.There are two types of blow dryers: Those that draw in cool air from outside and heat it before blowing it out and those with a heating element inside the barrel of the hairdryer. Excellent air blow dryers usually have vents all along their barrel, and there is also some mix of both types.

What are the uses of Hair Dryers?

Hairdryers are used for styling and grooming hair. They are also used for drying your hair when you have taken a shower or bathed. Hairdryers are used to straighten the hair by setting curls in place or curl the hair by rolling then curls upward. Hairdryers can also be used for curly hair to loosen curls and frizz, create waves, and give a natural look.

A hairdryer can be used as a substitute for shampooing the hair with only water since it detangles the hairs and helps to release any dirt from them. Using a low heat setting on hot/wet/damp hair will help condition the hair making it softer and shinier.Hairdryers speed up the drying process for your hair by increasing the airflow, and this helps to evaporate moisture from your hair, which reduces the time it takes to dry. Hairdryers are also used before some chemical services to make hair easier to manage.

Types of Hair Dryers:

There are several different types of hairdryers available to the consumer. There is a warm air hairdryer, which uses warm air to blow out the wet hair. Then there is the cold air hairdryer, which blows out the damp hair with cool air. The hot air hairdryer is geared towards eliminating fizziness in your hair.

It is also used before flat ironing your hair. And then there are the ionic and tourmaline dryers. Ionic blow dryers electrically remove moisture by adding charges to water particles that hold on to each other and fall to the ground as water vapour | Tourmaline Dryers target elements such as positive ions and neutralize their charges while simultaneously locking in moisture via infrared waves emitted into your hair during blow-drying

Best Hair Dryer Buying Guide: Things to consider in Best Blow Dryer in India?

Consider a few things before buying a blow dryer for hot Indian weather.

What kind of nozzle do you want – straight, concentrator, diffuser?

The shape of the nozzle is an essential factor to consider before buying a hairdryer. The three types are concentrator, diffuser and straight. If you want a powerful airflow – a straight or diffuser is best. If the concentrator is all that your hairstylist has ever used, go for it. However, most women love to use a concentrator because it helps them dry and styles their hair faster! If you have shoulder length or longer hair, then a diffuser will be great for you as it helps in reducing the amount of frizz.

Straight Nozzle: A straight nozzle is suitable for precision and detail, like styling beard, hair trimming, and sideburns. Concentrator Nozzle: A concentrated nose will help create more bounce and body to your hair by pushing air in the same direction your hair grows.

Diffuser: A diffuser spreads air to dry your hair evenly, avoiding any unwanted poofy result. A diffuser can be used as a curly-hair nozzle for people with curly hair to avoid frizz.

What is your budget?

Your budget will primarily determine the qualities of the hairdryer you can buy. The higher its price, the better its qualities. A high price doesn’t necessarily mean it will work better on your hair, but it will have more top-quality features and more significant benefits when compared to cheaper brands.

Top Hair Dryer Brands in India:

 Bajaj and Panasonic are the most popular and trusted manufacturers in terms of hair dryer brands in India. Their hairdryers are available in various price ranges, including under 500 and 1000 rupees.


  1. Can I use a hairdryer every day?

    No, you cannot use a hairdryer every day. How many times you should use a hairdryer may vary from person to person, but if the drying time of your hair is taking longer than 40 minutes. Then it means that your hair is not getting enough nourishment. So less drying time is better!

  2. What does a hairdryer do to your hair?

    A hairdryer uses a stream of hot air to speed up the natural evaporation process, which is necessary to remove dripping water from your hair and make the strands fluffy, straight and shiny. This tool also aids in giving your hair more volume and body and makes them smooth and silky by evenly spreading out their cuticles.

  3. What are the disadvantages of using a hairdryer?

    The main disadvantage of using a hairdryer is the problem with hair fall, which is caused by the temperature applied. 1875W to 1900W blow dryers usually lead to a lot of hair falling. And a hairdryer can only be used at its frequency for months or years to when one replaces it.

  4. Do hair dryers cause hair loss?

    No, hair dryers do not cause hair loss. Many women use a specific hairdryer to add volume to their hairstyle. If a woman does experience hair shedding or thinning, other factors at work include medications, diet, and hereditary problems. Seek advice from a licensed physician if this proves to be an issue.

  5. What is the best way to dry your hair?

    The best way to dry your hair is to start with clean, freshly washed hair. This eliminates the need to work against dirt, sweat and grime, which means less breakage and damage. Many hair dryers have multiple heat and speed settings, so check the manual for the ideal setting for your hair type and style.

  6. Ionic or ceramic? Which hair dryer is better?

     The answer to this question depends on your hair type and styling needs. Ionic technology uses the power of negatively-charged ions to blow dry the hair faster for straight, smooth results. On the other hand, Ceramic models use far-infrared heat, which can penetrate the hair shaft, helping to restore moisture levels.
    There are ceramic ionic hairdryers available now that do both at once. Both technologies can come in handy when you're looking to keep your mane straight and smooth, but they are designed to be used differently. Before purchasing a hairdryer with either of these technologies, you should consider what you want from your hairdryer and your beauty regimen.

  7. How long will it take to dry my hair with a hair dryer?

    It will take about 10-15 minutes to dry your hair using a hair dryer. You may need to adjust the settings on the dryer depending on your hair type.


Hope this blog helps you find the best hair dryers in India for your needs. Whether you’re looking for the best hair dryer for men or the best hair dryer for women, we’ve got you covered!The best hair dryers in India come in different shapes and sizes, catering to the needs of both men and women. Additionally, they come with various features that make drying your hair a breeze. Whether you’re looking for a hairdryer for men or women, our selection has something for you! Best Hair Dryers in India 2022

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