Best Laptop Cooling Pads In India 2022

Cooling Pad For Laptop

Cooling pad has become an essential accessory for our laptops. After hours of continuous usage, laptops tend to become heated which requires proper airflow and cooling. If there is no adequate venting of the heat, it may be very detrimental to the laptop and its performance. Laptops often come with … Read more

Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headset India 2022

Eagerly looking to buy the best virtual reality headset, but confused due to numerous brands and their wide range of options? The best virtual reality headset will take you on a tour of the galaxies, while you can play your favorite flight simulator games with ease and comfort. Thus, to … Read more

Best Laptops under 90000 in India – 2022

budget laptops below 90k

Laptops are essential for our day-to-day job. Today, who doesn’t need a laptop? Laptops have become a vital tool in the lives of students and office professionals alike. You’ll need a portable laptop to keep up with your professional functions as well as your other activities. If you go to … Read more

Best 4k Monitor India for Gaming & Editing – 2022

4K Monitor For Gaming & Editing

Gamers and professional photographers, graphic designers are lately drifting towards 4k monitors as they provide high performance at a very affordable price. Generally, any HD screen content is 1920X1080 pixels. However, any 4k screen would deliver four times as many pixels at 3840X2160. Obviously, the first and true advantage of … Read more

Best Vlogging Camera in India 2022

Looking to shoot an amazing video to get viral on YouTube and social media platforms? Or want to shoot your vlog in 4k? An ordinary camera is just fine, but shooting with a Vlogging camera is something next level. Merely looking at the 4K resolution and higher megapixels won’t make … Read more