Best Vlogging Camera in India 2022

Looking to shoot an amazing video to get viral on YouTube and social media platforms? Or want to shoot your vlog in 4k? An ordinary camera is just fine, but shooting with a Vlogging camera is something next level.

Merely looking at the 4K resolution and higher megapixels won’t make a lot of sense if you need to create impressive content. Some of you are solo content creators, so you need the Vlogging camera with a flip-out screen, Mic input, high resolution, decent stabilization, and, most importantly, long battery backup. 

With that in mind, we’ve curated here the trendiest and best Vlogging camera with incredible features. So, if you want to stand out as the best Vlogger, check out our list. 


What Is A Vlogging Camera?

Vlogging cameras are specially designed for making videos solely. The camera comes with a flip-flop screen, a mic input, mirror screen, microphones, and stabilization features and is extremely handier.

With this camera, Vloggers can easily create solo videos with no hassles. The built-in microphones also help in reducing background noise. Equipped with a higher megapixel lens with which you can shoot like a pro.

Types Of Vlogging Camera

There are three types of vlogging cameras which are as follows:

1. Underwater Vlogging Camera: 

An underwater vlogging camera is best for shooting videos inside water. They are specially designed to shoot videos at 50 m depth and more. It offers better stabilization, an optical zooming sensor, and a wider aperture to shoot into the water properly. Some underwater vlogging cameras are safe for taking video shots even at higher depth.

2. Touch Screen Vlogging Camera:

A flip-flop or touch screen camera is best suited for beginner vloggers who love shooting YouTube videos. It comes with a CMOS sensor, built-in mic, mirror screen, and many more features. Touch screen cameras are versatile enough to shoot videos anywhere with no hassles.

3. Remote Control Vlogging Camera:

Remote control vlogging cameras are perfect for shooting sole videos. The camera comes with Wi-Fi connectivity with a remote control that helps operate the camera even from a distance. Whether you want to shoot outdoors or indoors, a remote control camera is perfect for creating visual content.

Guide to Choose Vlogging Camera India

When choosing the right vlogging camera, check the resolution of the gear. Ideally, go with those vlogging cameras that offer 1080 resolution and allow you to record videos at 4k resolution. Higher resolutions help record full HD videos that are excellent for YouTube. So, do not compromise with the resolutions if you use professional style videos. 


If you love shooting outdoor, underwater, or trying to capture water sports activity, you must have that camera that offers waterproof features. It would be great to look after that action camera for vlogging that offers water-resistant up to 50 m depth. Some vlogging cameras often offer water resistance at 100m depth. You can look after any of the cameras that suit your requirement. 


Make sure to purchase those vlogging cameras that offer robust connectivity and enable Wi-Fi to transfer videos faster. Some vlogging cameras also provide built-in app connectivity to transfer data on your mobile phone instantly. In addition to this, you can consider USB and other connectivity options to have the best buy. 

Storage Capacity:

Storage capacity is an important aspect to look after in the vlogging camera. Ideally, go with those cameras that offer a supported SD card of 32 GB. However, you can also have those cameras that offer 64GB and higher storage capacity cards. It helps store your videos and images that you click with the camera. 


The lens plays a crucial role in recording higher-resolution images and videos. So, try to buy cameras with at least 1-20MP wide aperture angle lenses for wide coverage. Some cameras even offer auto-focus and 360-degree panoramic lenses to get 360-degree views. When you are purchasing, be sure to consider this feature too. 

Battery Life:

Battery life is one of the key factors you need to consider while buying the best vlogging camera in India. If you have a high-resolution camera, but battery backup isn’t worthier or only allows you to record 15-20 minute videos isn’t worthier. So, prefer to have that camera that offers at least 90-130 minutes of video recording at one go. This would be great to record even one-hour-long videos. 


Usually, vloggers shoot outdoors, so the camera should be handy and portable enough to carry in the travel backpack. Therefore, be sure to choose those vlogging cameras that are highly portable and easy to carry anywhere with you. The camera with a bulkier design is neither travel-friendly nor easy to carry. So, invest in those cameras that are portable and easy to use. 

In-Body Image Stabilization:

Vlogging is always related to motion videos and pictures. So, the cameras you use for vlogging mist have in-body image stabilization to ensure a perfect shot. There are a lot of cameras available in the marketplace that come with image stabilization features, so be sure to focus on these things while making an investment in small cameras for vlogging. 

External Microphone Input:

Sometimes we forget to take microphones with us while recording videos in outdoor spaces. However, some people also feel annoyed with using an external microphone to record audio while creating videos. The good news is that you can have the best vlogging camera with a built-in microphone or external microphone input. This way, you will be able to record sound without any external noise distraction. 


The motion sensor is a great feature to look after while buying the camera for vlogging. It helps to detect motion and capture the shot perfectly. In addition to this motion sensor, you can also look after auto-focus sensors that help to adjust the frame automatically and capture the best shots. 


Make sure to know about the purpose of purchasing a camera. For instance, if you want to shoot personal videos at home, an ordinary camera will be great on a budget. However, if you want to create professional-style videos, vlogging cameras are best.


Lastly, you can look after the budget before investing. Vlogging cameras are available at different price scales. So, you can invest in those that are worth buying and fit your pocket. Beginners can purchase the budget to buy cameras. But if you need a pro-level camera, the high-end vlogging cameras are best.  Make sure to make your budget and look at the vlogging camera price in India.

Top 10 Best Vlogging Cameras in India 2022

Now, you know how to decide which vlogging camera in India is best to shoot videos for YouTube; it’s time to focus on reviews of some of the best cameras for vlogging.

1. Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1: Best Overall

Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1

Sony Digital Vlog Camera ZV-1 deserves first place in India’s list of best vlogging cameras. Equipped with a 20.1MP stack back-illuminated camera, CMOS sensor, and large aperture, the camera helps you shoot ultra-clear video with maximum stability, even without a gimbal.

Furthermore, it has a directional 3-capsule inbuilt-Mic to help record clear audio even if you forgot the mic. I loved the tiny flip screen, and you can use it for shooting solo videos for the vlog. 

Plus, it comes with Video Eye AF technology that displays frames on the screen to ensure that the subject is at the focus point. There is a Bokeh Switch that helps you switch backgrounds quickly to get the best shots. 

Also, the vlogging camera comes with real-time tracking and is a perfect device for taking amazing time-lapse videos. With this handy camera, you’ll be able to shoot like a Pro. 

Overall, this Sony vlogging camera is an amazing pick for beginners and expert-level vloggers. The battery life is average, and a single charge gives you a good time to shoot short and medium-sized clips.

  • Powerful image stabilization for perfect motion picture
  • Dynamic super slow option with 90fps
  • C2 custom button to showcase settings
  • Precise focus transition
  • Battery life could be better
  • Doesn’t have a weatherproof design

2. DJI OSMO Action Camera (Super Fast Recording)

DJI OSMO Action Camera

DJI OSMO Action Camera is arguably the most versatile and super-fast recording camera. This model comes with a vivid front screen that helps to frame you in a different setting. Furthermore, the back screen delivers a hyper-responsive and crystal clear display. On a personal note, I love its RockSteady technology that combines with a complex algorithm to deliver stable footage.

Plus, it comes with an actionable camera with a CMOS sensor, 145 ⁰ wide aperture, 12MP lens, and CMOS sensor that allows you to shoot 4K HDR videos like a professional vlogger. Also, the dual-screen allows you to capture wider shots merely with a touch button.

Last but not least, it features 8x slow motions and lets you capture epic movies with 1080 resolution and jaw-dropping clarity. Boast with exclusive accessories that make it perfect for beginners and pro Vloggers.

  • 11m water-proof camera perfect for underwater shooting
  • Support 135 minutes of recording when fully charged
  • Shoot videos in 4k resolution
  • Flat adhesive mount and quick release base
  • DJI Mimo app connectivity issues
  • Battery replacement is costly

3. GoPro Hero 8 Black CHDHX-801 12 MP Action Camera (Versatile Actionable Camera) 

GoPro Hero 8 Black CHDHX-801 12 MP Action Camera

This camera is perfect for shooting vlogs underwater. Accessories with flashes microphone, digital lens quick loading, and microphones, the camera lets you shoot like a pro filmmaker. The dynamic three-level stabilization made shooting super smooth even if you’re in a noisy place.

Features with a TimeWarp 2.0 automatically adjusts video speed based on your motion. I like its digital lenses with which you can easily shoot narrow, wide, distortion-free liner and super views. Plus, it comes with SuperPhoto when combined with improved HDR to crank up the best visual contrast.

With this revamped algorithm, you will be able to create professional videos without blurring. The camera is waterproof up to 33ft and has a tough frame making it an ideal cam for underwater shooting. Above all, if you genuinely want to start vlogging, this camera is a must to bag in.

  • One year local and international warranty
  • LCFD screen and three-level stabilization
  • Automatic speed adjustment for better shots
  • Frame adjustment for a perfect photo
  • Battery life can be improved
  • Heat up faster than other cameras

4. Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition Sports Action Camera (5.7K Panoramic Action Camera)

Insta360 ONE R Twin Edition Sports Action Camera

This mini camera for vlogging has a 4k 60fps wide aperture lens combined with a 360⁰ panoramic lens that helps shoot panoramic view. The paired-back camera helps to capture high-resolution videos without any glitches. The image stabilization features let you shoot perfect videos with no bounce.

It comes with a 5-meter bare metal water-proof design that helps film videos even at 5m depth. I loved this camera because of its smart speed ramping and automatic horizon leveling, making it a dynamic camera to shoot slow-motion videos.

Feature with a night scene mode that helps to capture perfect shots in low light. Just switch to the night scene mode and start capturing shots in dim light. Besides this, it comes with voice control that helps click pictures and shoot videos with one command. Of the above, it’s a superb camera to shoot professional-style videos.

  • FlowState anti-shake technology for stable shooting
  • Rugged design for efficient shock absorption
  • Outstanding low light shooting
  • Fully assembled and has mounted bracket
  • Wi-Fi connection is lost sometimes
  • Not for shooting longer videos

5. GoPro HERO10 Black – Water-proof Action Camera (Hyper Smooth Shooting Camera)

proof Action Camera

This revolutionary camera has been redesigned for faster, sharper, and crystal clear video shooting. It has a dynamic process and responsive touch control with a double frame rate for pro-level footage. The GoPro vlogging camera is specifically designed for nature’s videography.

Its high frame rate and incredible 23MP 60fps wide-angle camera help record smooth motion video. The camera has 8x slow-mo features that let you record slow-motion video at 2.7k. You can even pause the slo-mo and click a still photo at 15.8MP from the 5.3K video, and that’s impressive.

Furthermore, it comes with HyperSmooth 4.0 features which let you shoot video with excellent stabilization. The horizon leveling and night scene mode helps to get better shots in low light. Overall, the camera is excellent for having unbelievable video quality, sharp video texture, and impressive stunning contrast.

  • Hydrophobic lens cover for underwater shooting
  • Better image stabilization
  • Eliminate lens flare and compatible with 30 accessories
  • Impressive low light performance
  • Pricier option for beginners
  • Low battery life

6. Canon POWERSHOT G7 X Mark III Digital Camera (Beast Performer)

 Mark III Digital Camera

Canon POWERSHOT G7 stands out as the top-notch vlogging camera for so many reasons. The sensibly leaned design, compact size, 4k resolution, and external Mic support let you easily record video and live stream. This gear comes with a 20M 1-type CMOS sensor camera with 4k footage that helps to record thumbnails. Furthermore, features with an autofocus system work seamlessly with the f/2.8-1.8 lens to produce crystal clear videos.

Also, the 30fps burst mode and stack 1-inch CMOS sensor made this a perfect camera to shoot vlogs for Instagram stories. I was impressed with its vertical shooting mode that incredibly lets you shoot videos as you do it on the phone to post on Instagram.

Though it’s pricey, this handy camera is worth buying if you’re serious about vlogging and want to shoot like professionals.

  • Instagram friendly videos
  • 1080/60 resolution video recording
  • Raw burst mode to eliminate blur effect
  • Auto-focus system for better stability
  • Not budget-friendly
  • The viewfinder is not there

7. Canon Power Shot G7X Mark II Vlogging Camera (Perfect for YouTube)

Canon Power Shot G7X Mark II Vlogging Camera (Perfect for YouTube)

Canon Power Shot G7 Mark II camera features a whole new Digic 7 imaging processor for high-speed shooting. 20.1-megapixel cameras combined with CMOS sensor for crystal clear video shooting. Its processor has improved autofocus tracking that enhances the IS and allows you to shoot high clarity videos.

It is equipped with full HD display capability, NFC, Built-in Wi-Fi, and in-camera RAW conversion; it offers you everything you need to capture a professional style video. Its slim and compact design made it an extremely travel-friendly camera.

This camera combines with an auto-focus f/1.8-2.8 lens that helps to capture vivid shots even in low light. It comes with a 3.0 inches touch screen and tilt-type LCD monitor to shoot video with wider angles. Overall, this camera is a perfect fit for vloggers to shoot vlogs and capture images.

  • Ideal for shooting in low light condition
  • Improved auto-focus tracking to capture sharp shots
  • Shoot pro-level videos with high ISO
  • In-built mic for recording crystal clear sound
  • Doesn’t work properly in natural light
  • Not worthier for shooting at 50 m depth

8. AKASO EK7000 4K Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera (Best High-Resolution Videos)

AKASO EK7000 4K Wi-Fi Sports Action Camera

If you’re new to vlogging and have the least budget, AKASO EK7000 is the best camera. Featuring a 4k Ultra HD 1080P/60fps action camera with which you can shoot high-resolution video. The 12MP camera combines a wider aperture lens to click crystal clear photos.

It comes with a wireless wrist 2.4G remote control to capture videos even from a distance. The remote control helps to shoot videos extremely conveniently. Want to shoot underwater creature videos? Go ahead! This camera is specially designed to withstand even at 100ft depth, making it ideal for underwater shooting.

Furthermore, you get a full bag of accessories that make your shooting convenient at indoor and outdoor places. This actionable camera comes with two rechargeable batteries that help to record 90 minutes videos when fully charged. Overall, this camera is compatible with Android and iOS devices so that you can enjoy easy importing and exporting video.

  • Capture long videos easily
  • Rechargeable batteries and remote control access
  • Ideal for shooting videos at 100 ft depth
  • Wrist remote control with 10 m range
  • Image stabilization is not great
  • The display could be better

9. SJCAM SJ4000 Wi-Fi 12MP Full HD Sports Action Camera (Budget-Buy)

SJCAM SJ4000 Wi-Fi 12MP Full HD Sports

Finding the best vlogging camera under 10,000? Get this SJCAM full HD action camera. It comes with a water-proof casing which makes it highly water-resistant. Due to its durable hard-shell construction, you are able to film videos underwater. Also comes with a wide-angle display lens with a shorter focal length to capture videos with perfect framing.

The high-definition screen enables you to replay videos that you’ve recorded earlier. It features an ar0330 sensor and a 6g lens to capture wide-angle videos. You can even record time-lapse videos consistently. The camera also supports a 32GB storage card to store your videos and images.

The 12MP pixels camera helps you shoot high-definition videos without any hassles. Though it lacks a few features, it would be a great deal for beginners to start vlogging.

  • Wi-Fi support and USB cable included
  • 12 MP wide aperture lens for professional videos shooting
  • Water-resistant up to 30m depth
  • Wide-angle display
  • No night mode support
  • Poor battery backup

10. Fujifilm X-T200 24.2 MP Mirrorless Camera (Best for Time Lapse Videos)

Fujifilm X-T200 is one of the best vlogging cameras in India 2022. The camera features a copper-wiring structure and hybrid phase for better performance. Its contrast-detection autofocus aperture and the eye-detection algorithm help focus on the face to get better shots.

Plus, it comes with a vari-angle 3.5 inches wide LCD touch-screen that can be opened/closed at a 180-degree angle for the perfect view. Advanced image processing helps in reducing color noise and creating the most appealing contrast. The HDR movie mode helps to shoot perfect angular video in full HD.

The advanced filter options help make your videos brighter and sharper. You can even adjust the layout, color contrast, and visual effect to make your videos more effective. This is the best vlogging camera with a flip screen for beginners to advance vloggers.

  • Gyroscopic sensor to reduce shakiness
  • High definition video recording
  • Mirrorless screen and advanced filter
  • Visual contrast detection for better contrasting
  • Support only 15 minutes of HD video recording
  • No CMOS sensor

Top Go-Pro Vlogging Camera Brands in India

Here are some of the best vlogging camera brands in India, 2022.


Sony is one of the popular brands that offer Go-Pro cameras. The brand is famous for high-definition cameras with wider features to shoot videos like a professional videographer. Moreover, you can expect the budget to buy high-end models with versatile designs in one place.


Canon is known for the best DSLR cameras for vlogging and professional filming. They have an exclusive range of Canon vlogging cameras with an ergonomic design and let you shoot videos even at 4K high resolution. Canon is good if you need the best vlogging camera for underwater shooting. Maybe not the right fit for beginner vloggers, but worthier if you need to shoot professional videos for YouTube.


Go-Pro is worth buying if you need the small vlogging camera at the best prices. This brand offers tiny cameras that fit in your pocket and are travel-friendly. Moreover, you get exclusive features in all cameras, such as a water-proof case, wider angle, high-resolution, and night mode. With all these features, you will be able to shoot the best videos and take crystal clear videos.


DJI is the best for having the best vlogging cameras with exclusive features. You get a new range of gears that fits your needs, from cheap vlogging cameras to exclusive underwater shooting cameras. Try out DJI cameras for vlogging if you love to enjoy super-fast recording with better stability and no gimbal.


How can I use a camera underwater if it is not waterproof?

You can use a protective pouch of a water-proof transparent bag to take an underwater picture. Alternatively, use a mobile phone, set the timer, and pack them in a protective pouch to shoot videos. 

What is the cheapest vlogging camera?

These are some of the cheap vlogging cameras to buy on a budget. 
1. Canon VIXIA R800 Camcorder.
2. Canon EOS M200
3. GoPro Hero 10.
4. Panasonic Lumix G100

Can I use my phone for vlogging?

Yes, you can use your Smartphone for vlogging. However, with a Smartphone, you need accessories like a microphone, a tripod stand, and more. Instead, you can try vlogging a camera to shoot videos for Vlogs.

How much does it cost to start a vlog?

 Generally, it costs you around Rs 15000-Rs 20000 to start a Vlog. The investment is in a perfect camera, equipment, and site optimization.

How do you vlog for beginners?

To start a vlog as a beginner, make sure to choose a creative title and have the best small camera for vlogging. However, if you don’t have the investment to have the camera, start with your phone. Use your social media platform to promote your videos.

Bottom Line

A Vlogging camera is a perfect device for shooting videos in outdoor spaces. They are versatile and handy enough to shoot videos without any external help. These are some of the best vlogging cameras in India 2022 that you can buy on a budget. The listed models of the vlogging cameras boast advanced settings and features that help to shoot like professional photographers.

Now, you can easily decide which vlogging camera works perfectly for you from the list. We’ve listed models from all top brands, from a budget buy to high-end cameras. If you didn’t find any suitable gear for you, follow the buying guide and make an informed decision easily.

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