Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headset India 2022

Eagerly looking to buy the best virtual reality headset, but confused due to numerous brands and their wide range of options? The best virtual reality headset will take you on a tour of the galaxies, while you can play your favorite flight simulator games with ease and comfort.

Thus, to help you make a choice I’ve shortlisted some of the best VR headset brands that are comfortable, smart, loaded with features, and are compatible with your smartphone/PC. 

VR headsets have truly changed how we consume content, especially for gamers. The devices not just allow playing games; instead, making you feel like you’re actually in the gaming zone. 

I’ve gone through some trending VR headsets, read reviews, and tried a few. Based on this, I’ve listed here the best VR headsets in India that are good to buy. 


Types Of VR Headsets

There are three types of VR headsets for phones available, which are as follows: 

1. Standalone VR headsets

The standalone VR headset has a built-in processor, batteries, sensor, and storage memory, so you don’t need any external connection like a PC or smartphone. Moreover, standalone VR headsets ensure easy setup, so you just have to plug & play. Since this device is wireless, you don’t need to limit yourself to playing in the living room or limited spaces. 

2. Smartphone VR headsets

Smartphone VR headsets are best for connecting with Smartphones. It creates a sense of depth and is compatible with all mobile screen types to use them in a better way. It also has a built-in accelerometer and VR app with which you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience. 

3. Tethered VR headsets

This VR headset has been designed to deliver the best quality visual graphics to enjoy VR games. This premium headset has a certain amount of setup spaces and constant cable connection to have a smooth gaming experience. However, it only offers limited features, but if you love to enjoy VR gaming in high quality, this is an ideal pick. 

Guide to Choose Best VR (Virtual Reality) Headset India

Deciding on the best VR headset for the phone is always challenging. We have listed here some of the key things you can consider while deciding about the best VR headsets. 


The first thing you need to consider while buying the best VR headset for your phone is its design. The  VR headset should be comfortable and suitable for wearing for longer durations. Prefer to have a simple and elegant design that isn’t bulk. 


The second thing you need to check is the purpose of using the VR headset. If you are a gamer, you must check the gaming controlling features in the VR headsets. However, if you want to use the headset with a PC and smartphone, check the connectivity options. You can also consider other features to have an enjoyable experience based on your requirements. 


Be sure to check the lens type of the best VR headset in India. The lens of the VR headsets must offer a wide viewing angle and crystal clear pictures. In addition to this, you can also check the quality of the lens to make an informed decision. 


The VR headset in India you choose must be comfortable enough to wear for a longer time. Be sure to check its designs, weight, and holding belts that help to fit comfortably on the head. Do not buy any VR headset with a harsh rubber band; it may harm your skin. 

Built Quality:

The VR headset you choose must be made with superior quality material that is highly durable. In addition, check out the manufacturing details and product details to find out the type of material used in the VR headset and cushion body. It gives you an idea about the product’s durability. 


Controllers are the most important thing to consider when investing in a VR headset. Some high-end controllers are 6DoF which has a trigger, sensors, trackpad, and buttons.

At the same time, some simple VR headset comes with 3DoF that comes with only a Pint controller. If you are a gamer and need the best VR headset to play virtual games, then get high-end controller VR headsets. 

Storage Space Requirements:

Do not forget to check out the space requirement needed to operate the VR headset. Some headset comes with 4GB, and some with 8GB RAM. The VR headset that comes with 8GB storage space is excellent to have as it helps to play the heavy processor games smoother and even lets you download the game. 

Connectivity Interface:

The connectivity interface of the VR box is also an important aspect to consider when you are investing in it. The VR headset must be compatible with your Smartphone, PC, and other devices. Better the connectivity, the better the gaming experience will be. 


The setup of the VR headset must be easy to connect with your Smartphone and other devices effortlessly. You can also check for the advanced settings for setup and other features that make the setting easier. 


Last but not the least, consider the budget before buying any expensive VR headset. If you have the least budget, then you can buy affordable models. However, if you want to enjoy gaming to the fullest, you can go for those with high-tech features and expensive ones.

Best VR Headset India 2022

Finding the best VR headset in India 2022 is a daunting job, especially when on a budget. Therefore, we’ve reviewed some of the best VR boxes worth buying and have all the features that deliver an amazing gaming experience. Read on to make a perfect decision.

1. Samsung Gear VR SM-R322NZWA (Best in Value and Features)

Samsung Gear VR SM-R322NZWA (Best in Value and Features)

The first best VR headset in this list is occupied by Samsung Gear VR SM. Equipped with an adjustable strap and versatile compatibility the VR headset works perfectly with Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and other devices.

With this headset, you can quickly connect to any of the Samsung devices to watch content, it also offers seamless connectivity with other Android phones. You get a USB Type-C port so connectivity is easier and hassle-free. 

Furthermore, this VR headset has a large touchpad that allows you to control your device when you’re wearing it. The lens offers a 95-degree wide field of view which is extremely great for having an amazing playing game experience. Other features are an accelerometer, proximity sensor, and lightweight design. If you are on a budget, this device is a must to try.

  • Budget-friendly and easy to set up
  • Lightweight and adjustable strap to fit snuggly
  • Gyro sensor and accelerometer for an immersive experience
  • Seamless compatibility with Samsung devices
  • The field of view could be better
  • Lack some features

2. Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System (Built for Adventure Gaming)

Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System (Built for Adventure Gaming)

With ergonomic design and ultra-low latency tracking, this model has everything you need in the best VR headset for PC. It features an Oculus Touch Controller that lets you interact naturally with the VR world. Also, it comes with an integrated VR audio system that delivers crystal clear sound so you get an immersive experience. 

I liked the Oculus remote control and it is very beneficial for gamers and people that prefer 3D content. With this remote control, you will be able to navigate the home, control volume, and move back and forth. If you’re a gamer, this is the VR headset you should put your money into.

Though the Oculus VR headset offers 8GB RAM, it is highly recommended to use those devices having Windows 8.1 and newer operating systems for a smooth gaming experience. 

  • Remote control to enjoy easy navigation
  • Integrate the audio system for an immersive experience
  • HDMI port and modern system
  • Free 6 titles include Robo Recall, Quill, Dead, Buried, Medium, LuckyÊŒs, and Toybox.
  • Need a bigger operating system
  • Connectivity issues with other devices.

3. Irusu Play VR Plus Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones (Anti-Blue Lens)

Irusu Play VR Plus Virtual Reality Headset with Headphones (Anti-Blue Lens)

Irusu is a great VR headset for phones because of its versatile compatibility and lightweight design. This VR headset has a n ergonomic design and adjustable straps that let you customize its fitting for a better viewing experience. It has a 6.69 inches wider screen size and supports making it perfect for your plus-sized phones. 

You get the best-in-class headphone set with which you can connect with your Smartphone 3.5mm jack to enjoy the stereo sound quality. This VR headset comes with a touch control panel that lets you control the device easily, while making it ideal for gaming.

Features with a 40mm HD optical resin lens with IPD and focal adjustment up to 110. With this, you will be able to adjust the focal length.The only downside is your smartphone must have a gyroscope sensor; otherwise, the VR headset won’t connect.

Overall, this best VR headset in India is ideal for smartphone gamers because of its better viewing angle and excellent controls.

  • Remote control and advanced touch button
  • Multi-functional button to control volume
  • Anti-blue light lens to reduce eye strain
  • Easy navigation and support for iOS and Android
  • The remote control is not compatible with iOS devices
  • Gyroscope sensor needed to connect with Smartphone

4. HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Headset (Compatible With PC)

HTC Vive Cosmos Elite Headset (Compatible With PC)

Looking for a VR Headset for PC? Here you go with the HTC Vive Cosmo Elite Headset. It comes with an advanced controller and SteamVR tracking that allow you to track the movements.

Featuring a wide-angle lens that offers the highest resolution of 2880 x 1700 pixels on the VR screen. Due to its combined pixel resolution, it minimizes the screen-door effect and ensures a smooth gaming experience. 

Furthermore, its Base Station 1.0 covers a wide area of around 15 m. This headset also features a rich stereo sound that lets you experience 360-degree listening even without a headphone. 

Moreover, you can also pair it with an HTC wireless adapter to move it freely. Thanks to its video transmission and 60GHz audio that allows you to have a smooth surfing experience without compromising quality.

  • Massive library of VR apps and games
  • Minimize the screen-door effect
  • Rich stereo sound
  • Advance tracking and controlling
  • Switching apps cause stuttering
  • The screen could be a little better

5. Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset (Slim and Sleek Design)

Procus ONE Virtual Reality Headset (Slim and Sleek Design)

Procus One VR headset offers VR glasses and the biggest 40MM lens. This lens offers an expanded field of view upto 100 degrees. Wearing this gadget can give you an amazing experience of playing virtual games. Its built-in IPD adjustment feature allows you to adjust screen distance for comfort. 

The device is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can connect it with any of your devices and enjoy watching movies and games. Also, the polished HD optical lenses and in-built touch screen help to deliver a smooth gaming experience. There is foam face cushioning which gives you ultimate comfort to wear it for a long time. 

Last but not least, its 6 inches wider screen size further makes it a convenient device to use. If you are a true gamer and need a VR headset with great compatibility, this is good to invest in.

  • 40mm lenses for a better-expanded field of view
  • Eye safety and viewing comfort
  • In-built touch button for the seamless gaming experience
  • 32 GB storage capacity
  • No remote controller
  • Sound intensity is low

6. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset (Wide Quad View)

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset (Wide Quad View)

The lightweight design and fast switch LCD make it one of the best VR headsets in India available right now. Its Wide Quad feature dramatically reduces the screen-door effect and improves visual clarity.

Equipped with the Next-generation Oculus Lenses offers a wide field of view. This significantly reduces glares and allows you to enjoy games without any glitches. 

Furthermore, it comes with integrated spatial audio speakers for crystal clear sound and making it easy to share with other people. Designed with an injected foam cushion and breathable fabric that won’t give you strain on the neck even if you wear it for a long time. 

You can directly dive into the VR with this device without additional device support. It only requires an Oculus companion app which you can download from and play store and iOS store on your Smartphone and enjoy VR games. The device would be great for enjoying endless VR games.

  • Intuitive control for effortless streaming
  • Crystal clear optics and spatial audio sound
  • Fast switching LCD to improve visual clarity
  • Oculus app for immersive gaming library
  • High prices
  • Excessive heating may trouble you

7. Irusu Monster VR Headset with Remote Controller (Conductive Touch Button)

Irusu Monster VR Headset with Remote Controller (Conductive Touch Button)

Irusu Monster VR headset is an upgraded model with extensive features for an immersive gaming experience. Featuring an adjustable lens that lets you adjust the pupil distance and screen distance, making it perfect for people with different eyesight. 

The Bluetooth remote works on advanced Bluetooth technology to deliver smooth interaction with VR games and apps like House of Terrors, Dino VR shooter, and more.

Its VR headset model is made with super light ABS plastic, which doesn’t create pressure on your face making it extremely comfortable to wear for a longer time.

Furthermore, features a three-way adjustable strap to fit the device over the head snuggly. The downside is its remote is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy series and iOS devices. However, a touch button is included for triggering action. So you can easily operate it. 

  • Foam face cushioning and removable front panel
  • Fully adjustable lenses to adjust view angle
  • The touch button is great for controlling the device
  • High-resolution videos at 1080 P
  • Consumes a lot of data
  • The protective covering is missing

8. HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System (Pro Level VR Headset)

HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System (Pro Level VR Headset)

HTC VIVE Pro is engineered for pro-level VR gamers. The ergonomic design was optimized from top to down for comfortable viewing. The weight is distributed evenly for comfortable wearing. It is equipped with a high-resolution OLED screen that delivers a super-rich visual and gaming experience. 

Featuring a true-to-life precision room-scale tracking that helps to enjoy tracking every moment while in a VR game. Furthermore, it comes with active noise cancelling feature, which reduces all the distractions and allows you to get stereo sound to give the ultimate VR gaming experience. 

You get a motion-tracked handheld control with which you can easily control the moment and interact with the virtual environment. Talking about comfort, the VR headset is a perfect pick if you want to use it for hours. 

Overall, HTC VIVE Pro Virtual Reality System is a complete package you need to enjoy an immersive virtual reality experience. You don’t need a smartphone for this headset, as it is an amazing standalone unit that can keep you entertained. 

  • High res certified headphones to listen to stereo sound
  • Adjustable eye focus comfort setting
  • Super rich color contrast and 78% pixel increase
  • Advance 360-degree headset tracking and control
  • Customer support is not good
  • Controller disconnects sometimes

9. IRUSU Mini VR Headset – 3D VR Headset with Remote Control (Budget Buy VR Headset)

IRUSU Mini VR Headset - 3D VR Headset with Remote Control (Budget Buy VR Headset)

Need the best VR headset but on a budget? IRUSU mini is a perfect fit for you. This 3D VR headset has an advanced 42mm HD lens with 5.2 fold magnification to offer an immersive VR gaming experience. Featuring a three-way adjustable head strap that allows you to adjust the device on your head based on your comfort. 

Like other models of VR headsets, you get a remote controller for quick navigation and to play games in VR. With this remote control, you can interact with games like House of Terror, DINO VR Shooter, etc. However, the remote is supported only and compatible with Android devices, excluding the Samsung Galaxy Series. 

As far as compatibility is concerned, this VR headset is highly compatible with Smartphones with a gyroscope sensor and also with a 6.9 inches screen. So, if you have such devices, the IRUSU mini is perfect to buy. 

  • PU leather mast for a perfect fit on the face
  • Remote control for better interaction and faster action
  • Good for watching high-quality videos
  • Optical resin lens for crystal clear view
  • Lack of control buttons
  • Design can be improved

10. Sony PS VR with Camera Bundle (Advance Screen)

Sony PS VR with Camera Bundle (Advance Screen)

Sony has introduced this advanced VR display headset that keeps you connected to the Virtual reality gaming world. Equipped with an OLED 1080P display, let you enjoy sharp videos without flickering. The setup is smooth, so all you have to do is plug & play to enjoy experiencing virtual reality. 

Featuring 3D audio technology, allow you to enjoy 3D audio to pinpoint the sound around you. Furthermore, featuring a DualShock 4 wireless controller and motion controller,  let you track easily with a PlayStation camera to have the finest capture of VR spaces. 

Its industrial leading design is specifically engineered to have the most comfortable and balanced view to keep you away from distractions. If your budget is not limited, Sony PS VR Headset with camera bundle is the best to buy.

  • Adjustable straps and OLED 1080p display
  • Smoother interface and easy to set up
  • VR headset connection cables and Stereo Earbuds
  • 100-degree field of view
  • Not a budget buy a deal
  • Graphics can be improved

Top Virtual Reality Headset Brands in India


Oculus is a well-known brand that offers the best VR boxes in India. They offer advanced all-in-one headsets and other gaming devices with the latest technology and have all your features in a high-tech VR box. Oculus always offers exclusive features in their gadgets. However, they are quite expensive but worth having an immersive gaming experience. 


Google offers Google cardboards to dive into the VR world. They design unique VR headsets for PC, smartphones, and other devices. This would be a great option to buy on a budget. In addition to this, Google also offers a complete range of Smartphones with high-tech features at affordable rates. 


Samsung is one of the biggest multinational electronic device manufacturing companies that offer the best VR headsets with exclusive designs and classy features. Not only has this, Samsung also offers a whole range of electronic devices and wearable gadgets like Smartwatches, bands, and fitness bands. 


Microsoft also offers exclusive VR headsets designed to have the best gaming experience. Though they didn’t update the VR head for the latest consoles, soon, you can expect to have another new range of VR headsets at the best prices. 


Lenovo is known for its greatest PC inventions and tech gadgets. The company has designed VR headsets that run on the latest Qualcomm processors, Snapdragon 835, and offer a high-resolution gaming experience. The VR headsets are available on a budget, so you can expect to have the best VR headset at the best prices. 


HTC is a Taiwanese electronic appliances manufacturing company that offers laptops, smart gadgets, and other devices. The company began designing VR headsets to enjoy room-scale virtual reality for gaming enthusiasts. They always use game-changing technology to design their products and deliver top-notch gaming devices. 


What is the difference between VR and AR?

VR headsets are completely virtual, whereas AR works in real-world settings. The system controls the VR users, and AR users can control their presence in the gaming world. AR is accessible from smartphones and other devices; VR requires special headsets. 

Can I use my eyeglasses with the VR headset?

Yes, you can wear your eyeglasses without any trouble with any standard VR headsets.

Do I need a battery to operate the VR Headset?

No, you don’t need a battery to operate the headsets because it consumes phone power to run.

Do all VR headsets come with surround sounds?

Yes, there are some models available that come with surround sound. But some may require external headphones to connect and listen to the sound.

Do I need a computer to use a VR box?

No, you don’t need a computer to use the VR box. You can connect with your phone and access the device.

Are VR boxes harmful to the eyes?

Yes, prolonged use of VR boxes or constant gaming on these devices can cause eye strain and affect your vision.

What kind of VR content can I enjoy if I don’t have a controller?

 You can enjoy several games like VR-X Racer, Smash Hit, and many more if you don’t have a controller.

Why are some VR headsets so expensive in India?

 VR headsets are expensive because they are imported from the country, and you need to pay import duty. This is why they are expensive.

Bottom Line 

The gaming industry is saturated with too many brands of VR headsets. But now I hope I have made it easier for you by listing here the best virtual reality headsets in India 2022 that are with buying. 

From a high-end model to a budget buy, we’ve sorted all kinds of VR headsets that give you an immersive experience of playing games and watching movies. 

And I hope you’ve enjoyed reading reviews and now it will be easier for you to decide which is best to buy. Let’s connect in the comment box and share your purchasing experience. 

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