Best Smartwatch Under 5000 in India

Smartwatches have now become a brand new trend due to their advantages and stylishness. They serve many purposes be its fitness tracking, GPS, or calling someone, and are often very convenient to use. In this article, we will help you choose Best Smartwatch Under 5000 in the Indian market. With so many options online, you might get confused as to which one may be a perfect one for you.

Do not worry anymore because in this buyer’s guide we will help you find your best smartwatch that matches your aesthetics and serves all your needs. So, stay tuned for the next part of the article to see an array of high-end smartwatches under Rs. 5,000!


Best Smartwatch Under 5000 With Call Function

Every month, new smartwatches make a debut in the market. In this part of the article, we will review a few smartwatches under the 5k range that have in-built calling functions.

We will dig deeper into every feature that the smartwatch has to offer. This will eventually help you find the best smartwatch that is capable of meeting your everyday needs. 

1. Amazfit Bip U Pro 

Amazfit Bip U Pro 

First off, we have Amazfit Bip U Pro which has a super lightweight design and weighs only 31 grams. It comes in three colors – black, green and pink. With a screen size of 1.43-inch, it has a very user-friendly interface.

It has a 320×302 pixel resolution that makes the incoming messages and calls very clear to see and offers users a much clearer and wider view. It perfectly tracks your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress levels, breathing, quality of sleep, and sleeping patterns. It comes with a built-in GPS and GLONASS that helps you track daily step count, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Due, to the inclusion of GPS, users may face battery drainage. Moreover, it has built-in Alexa and there are almost 50 watch faces for you to choose from.

For health-conscious people, it comes with a Blood Oxygen or SpO2 sensor, and a heart rate monitor that constantly keeps you updated about your health stats. Within the 5k range, Amazfit Bip U Pro is simply the best smartwatch. 

  • Wider and clearer display.
  • In-built GPS and Alexa.
  • Includes Blood Oxygen or SpO2 sensor.
  • Battery drains faster due to GPS and Alexa.

2. Realme Smart Watch S 

Realme Smart Watch S 

The Realme Smart Watch S has a very royal and premium look to it, which is something that users demand. With an aluminum alloy case and corning gorilla glass 3, this Realme smartwatch ensures top-class durability and performance.

With a big 1.3-inch TFT-LCD Touchscreen and Auto-Brightness adjustment, it offers you a comfortable visual both indoors and outdoors. It comes in two colors, black, and silver. It has an energy-efficient battery, that gives you a backup of 15 days with just two hours of charge.

It has a continuous heart rate monitor and blood oxygen (SpO2) monitor that gives you precise health data. The watchband may be an issue sometimes and the user interface of the smartwatch is not up to the mark.

Moreover, at times the watch may seem larger and bulkier than other smartwatches due to its big round dial. It is IP68 water-resistant, but it does not have an in-built cloud-based voice service like Alexa. 

  • Tough and durable.
  • Auto-brightness adjustment for comfortable display.
  • 15 days of battery life.
  • No in-built voice service like Alexa.
  • Big and bulky dial.

3. ‎Fire-Boltt ‎BSW014

 ‎Fire-Boltt ‎BSW014

This Fire-Boltt smartwatch has a built-in speaker and microphone that enables you to receive as well as make calls directly from the watch. It comes with a dial pad which means you can easily view your recent calls and sync your phone’s contacts with zero hassle. You can choose between five color options – black, red, grey-white, blue, and beige.

It will look very trendy on your wrist. Moreover, it has smart controls like weather forecast, alarm, and remote control camera. The best feature about this smartwatch is its built-in speakers which let you enjoy your favorite songs on the go! It has a SPo2 sensor and heart rate tracking feature that provides you with precise health stats.

It has almost 200+ cloud-based face watches with sedentary and drink-water reminders. Although it has so many features, it does not support GPS and has no voice service like Alexa and so on. Additionally, the band quality could be better to give the watch a royal look.

  • Smart controls like weather forecast and alarm.
  • Built-in speakers.
  • Comes with a dial pad.
  • No GPS.
  • Band quality can be better.

4. BoAt Xtend Smartwatch

 BoAt Xtend Smartwatch

The boAt Xtend smartwatch has a massive LCD screen of 1.69-inch which is touch-enabled and lets you take control of things effortlessly. It has an automatic adjustment of brightness which means you get a comfortable display be it indoors or outdoors.

It also comes with a stress monitor which reads into your HRV (Heart Rate Variabilities) and predicts the amount of stress you are in. You have an option to choose from five different trendy colors – Charcoal Black, Olive Green, Pitch Black, Deep Blue, and Sandy Cream.

Moreover, it has an in-built Alexa voice assistant which can control your other smart devices, set an alarm, or remind you of your workout. It also has a Sleep Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor that updates you about your overall health.

However, calls can not be picked up or silenced, they can only be rejected. With basic functions including fitness tracking and all, the battery lasts only up to two days. Overall, this boAt smartwatch is a very reasonable choice and is very much affordable. 

  • Massive 1.69-inch display.
  • Comes with a stress monitoring system.
  • In-built Alexa.
  • Mediocre battery backup.
  • Calls cannot be picked up or silenced.

5. Realme SmartWatch 2 Pro

Realme SmartWatch 2 Pro

The realme SmartWatch 2 Pro comes with a huge touch-enabled display of 1.75-inch that lets you enjoy vivid and colorful visuals. The unique selling point of this smartwatch is its Dual Satellite Low Power GPS that supports GLONASS which provides precise and independent path tracking for running, jogging, cycling, and walking.

You can choose from two different colors – space grey and metallic white. It has 90 different Sport Modes for you to choose from Indoor Walk, Outdoor Cycling, Spinning, Hiking, Basketball, Yoga, Rowing, Elliptical, Cricket, and so on. It also has Smart AIoT Control technology, which means you can control your other realme devices right from your wrist.

However, users have reported that the realme Link application crashes very often and the user interface is not so fluid. It boasts of 14-day long-lasting battery life and has an IP68 water resistance rating. Although we are not sure whether it is swim-proof or not. Overall, it is an amazing buy with accurate tracking and a huge 1.75-inch display. 

  • Huge 1.75-inch display.
  • 90+ sports mode.
  • Dual Satellite Low Power GPS that supports GLONASS.
  • UI of the realme Link app is not so fluid, crashes very often.

6.  Fire-Boltt SupremeSmart Watch

Fire-Boltt SupremeSmart Watch

The Fire-Boltt SupremeSmart Watch has a massive 1.79-inch screen which is the Industry’s Largest Borderless LTPS Display screen with 368 X 448 pixels resolution. The Low – Temperature PolySilicon provides a much richer and more colorful experience than a normal LCD.

Since it comes with an SPO2 sensor, you easily and accurately track your blood oxygen, continuous heart rate, and blood pressure. This smartwatch has a very unique feature which is called the ‘Rotating Ability Button’. It makes your navigation faster and more convenient. However, the major issue is the interface which is not very user-friendly.

There is a list view available with the text, which means that you have to remember every icon for selecting different modes. Compatibility is not an issue as it works with almost all android phones as well as iPhones. It has an average battery life of 7 days, which is okayish. Currently, it is listed at only Rs.3,499 on Amazon. If you looking for a cheaper option with more features, this may be it. 

  • Industry’s Largest Borderless LTPS Display screen.
  • Rotating ability button for faster and more efficient navigation.
  • Can be used underwater.
  • The interface is not friendly.

7. Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch

Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch

The Noise ColorFit Pro 3 Smart Watch has the industry-leading TruView TM Display that ensures you get a clearer and wider view of things within the 1.55-inch HD touch-enabled screen. It comes with a NoiseFit App that analyses your health activities and provides you with a detailed progress report. You also have an access to an array of workout videos to add to your daily routine.

However, it has an access to only 14 different sports modes which is quite less when compared to other smartwatches of the same range. It has a waterproof design, which means you can dive into the pool without any worries. And what more? You can choose from six different and amazing color options – jet black, jet blue, rose gold, rose red, smoke green, and smoke grey.

It has an SPO2 sensor which means you can track your health without hassle. But, it has a very limited number of watch faces. It has an average battery life of 10 days, which is quite good. 

  • More color options.
  • Helpful NoiseFit app that analyses your daily health.
  • TruView TM Display for vivid visuals.
  • Limited watch faces.
  • A very low number of sports modes.

8. Noise ColorFit Ultra 2

Noise ColorFit Ultra 2

The Noise ColorFit Ultra 2 smartwatch has a premium stainless steel body which makes it look stylish as well as enhances its durability. With a 1.78-inch AMOLED display, it is Noise’s largest display on a smartwatch so far.

With a resolution of 368 X 448 pixels, pictures appear clearer and sharper. It has 60+ sports modes for you to choose from including basketball, football, walking, rowing, and so on. It comes in four different colors – silver grey, jet black, navy gold, and olive green. It comes with a unique feature called Noise Productivity Suite where you can check stocks, set alarms, and reminders, or even calculate.

The Noise Health Suite helps you track your daily fitness activities and analyses your daily health stats. It has no GPS or voice assistant. Moreover, there is no provision for recording health data. The battery can last up to 7 days which is okayish considering the price range.

  • Durable and stylish stainless steel body.
  • 60+ different sports modes.
  • Noise Health and Productivity suites that keep track of health as well as daily productivity.
  • Okayish battery life.
  • No GPS or voice assistant.

9. Maxima Max Pro X4

Maxima Max Pro X4

Maxima Max Pro X4 comes with a 1.3” round active display and an ultra-bright full touch screen topping 380 Nits which gives you amazing picture clarity. The Realtek RTL8762CK chipset enables the watch to perform in a very optimized manner while giving you a long battery life of 15 days.

The LC11 HR sensor offers you the most accurate readings for heart rate and other statistics. It comes in four different colors which include the gray, black mesh, black silicon, and blue. It has Automatic Heart Rate detection, which means your heart and various health vitals are being updated continuously.

However, the sports mode is very limited and only includes activities like walking, running, cycling, climbing, yoga, basketball, football, badminton, skipping, and swimming. It comes with a breathing exercise that helps with your stress levels. It has no provision for GPS. It is currently listed at Rs. 3,299 which is quite affordable given so many features. 

  • Optimized performance for 15 days battery life.
  • Accurate health reading with LC11 HR sensor.
  • Affordable.
  • A limited number of activities in sports mode.

10. Noise ColorFit Ultra SE

Noise ColorFit Ultra SE

Noise ColorFit Ultra SE comes with a TruViewTM display and a 1.75-inch touch screen that gives you a richer and brighter visual experience. With quality sensors, tracking blood oxygen (SpO2), heart rate, stress, REM and sleep monitoring is no longer a big deal.

The NoiseFit application keeps you updated with the world of fitness and analyses your health stats regularly. That’s not all, you can choose your Noise ColorFit Ultra SE smartwatch from nine different colors – Lush Olive, Vintage Brown, Raven Black, Champagne Grey, Charcoal Black, Cloud Grey, Gunmetal Grey, Space Blue, and Olive Green.

It has 60+ Sports modes for you to switch from every time you work out. It also includes 100+ watch faces that you can change according to your looks or mood! ColorFit Ultra has IP68 waterproof rating, which means you can do any activity without having a second thought. The only issue is with its strap quality and the application which keeps on crashing a lot. 

  • Nine different colors to choose from.
  • TruViewTM display enhances the picture quality.
  • 60+ sport modes and 100+ watch faces.
  • Application crashes a lot.
  • Strap quality can be better.

Features to look in Smartwatches Under Rs 5,000 – Buyers Guide

Mostly, smartwatches are used for fitness tracking as it helps you keep updated about your health frequently. Depending on that, there are several features that you must consider before buying a smartwatch. For example, heart monitoring and checking oxygen levels must have good quality SPO2 sensors.

And since, most of the interaction takes part with the touch screen, the display is an essential factor to decide on. So, let us see what other features you must check before getting yourself a smartwatch –

1. Display Quality

Most smartwatch screens are between 1.3-inch to 1.9-inch and come in various displays like LCD, AMOLED, TruViewTM, and so on. Most of them come with an automatic brightness adjustment technology, that puts you in comfort whether you are inside or outside your house. 

2. Design and Fit

A smartwatch is designed to give you a modern look, hence it must have a very sleek and stylish design. Most smartwatches come in different colors, so finding the color of your choice is not a big deal. They are lightweight, so fit is never a problem with them. However, before buying them you must always check their strap quality. 

3. Battery Life

Battery backup is a very essential feature of smartwatches. Some of them last up to 15 days while some of them last only 7 days with just 2 hours of charging time. However, with all the tracking and callings features active, the battery exhausts in a day or two. 

4. Fitness and health features

Most smartwatches are bought with the purpose of fitness tracking. Hence, the device must provide accurate blood oxygen, continuous heart rate, and blood pressure tracking. It must also have the option to switch from one mode to another while engaging in different activities. 


1. Is the Noise smartwatch good for under 5000?

If you are looking for something affordable and rich in features, then you can opt for Noise smartwatches. They are durable, stylish, and come in different color options. 

2. Which smartwatch brand is best?

For smartwatches or rather affordable smartwatches, there are many brands like Boat, Noise, and realme. They are very stylish and will surely suffice your daily fitness needs. 

3. What is an LTE watch?

LTE watches allow you to receive as well as make calls without using the phone at all. Unlike, non-LTE phones, it has an eSIM which means you can even receive messages and install various applications 


We hope that by now you must have gotten the ideal smartwatch that exactly fits your needs and aesthetics. With the increasing popularity of smartwatches, there are different brands, hence different models which may eventually confuse. The purpose of this buyer’s guide is to make your work easier.

After gauging their display, health and fitness features, and design we have carefully handpicked the ten best smartwatches under Rs.5000 in India. Some of them come with GPS and voice assistants whereas some of them don’t. Although we have discussed every feature in detail, it is necessary that you still recheck and match the features with your actual requirements. 

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