Best Stainless Steel Cookware Set In India For 2022

Stainless steel has become a part of daily life. Cooking is more convenient while using such utensils. 

The best stainless steel cookware will keep your food tasting fresh and healthy. These do not add any additional flavor to the food. It is the perfect addition to your daily cooking needs and a must-have in any Indian kitchen.

Today, we will look at the best stainless steel cookware brands in India. They are free from the risk of corrosion, sticking, and rust. There are lots of options while browsing the utensils market online. In this guide, we will answer all your questions about purchasing kitchen utensils. 


Top 10 Stainless Steel Cookware Set

Finding the perfect stainless steel cookware can be challenging. Here are the best Kadai options we could find online. You can easily purchase from the country’s biggest online marketplace – Amazon. In this review, we have gathered inputs from customers utilizing these products. It will help you make the right decision while making a purchase. 

1. Meyer Select Stainless Steel Covered Kadai

Meyer Select Stainless Steel

Meyer is a reputable brand in the cookware industry. They are known to offer products that provide durability day in and day out. The unique design adds a much-needed dash to your kitchen. They use Japanese stainless steel from Nippon corp for their Kadai. 

The mirror-polished surface of the Kadai makes it strong and looks elegant. Aluminum encapsulates the base of the cookware. It helps in the even distribution of heat during cooking. You can expect the perfection of a professional chef while cooking at home. Meyer is a top steel utensils brand in India. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this Kadai. 

  • It comes with high-grade mirror-polished FW2 quality stainless steel.
  • The glass lid is durable and shatter-resistant.
  • You get different capacity options ranging from 1.91L to 4.77L.
  • There are perfect C-shaped handles with silicone grip, which stay excellent for easy grip.
  • Cooking on low flame with this can be troublesome for a few people.
  • The aluminum base can be an issue for some users.

Overall the purchase is perfect for people looking for a healthy cooking option. 

2. AXIOM KADHAI Stainless Steel 3 Litre Thick Triple Base

AXIOM KADHAI Stainless Steel

Axiom is one of the latest brands for stainless steel cooking. The Kadai comes with a 3-liter capacity and a thick base. 

It is one of the best triply cookware in India. Even after years of use, you won’t see any lack of luster from this utensil. It comes with a 24 CM base which will evenly distribute the heat throughout the Kadai.

You can utilize the Axion stainless steel Kadai on any cooktop. It works on induction, electric as well as gas. 

It has a heavy gauge stainless steel, aluminum, and magnetic stainless steel base. The thickness is more than 3MM on this product. 

  • It is a value-for-money purchase with an inexpensive rate.
  • You get a cooking capacity of 3L with this Kadai.
  • There are no chances of rust, toxins, or any BPA.
  • The handles have rivets that hold them in place permanently, meaning no chances of breakage.
  • It does not come with a lid for boil cooking.
  • The product is unsuitable for cooking vegetables, only for curries and deep-frying.

3. Cello Steelox Induction Compatible Stainless Steel Fry Pan & Kadai

Best Stainless Steel Fry Pan

Cello is one of the top steel utensils brands in India. Their name is synonymous with high standards and quality. The Steelox induction cookware is a set of 3 unique pieces. It will solve all of your requirements for India’s best stainless steel cookware. You get a stainless steel Kadai with a lid and a frying pan. 

The elegant cookware helps you save space in the kitchen without compromising taste. 

You can get professional chef-quality utensils for use at home. The high-quality stainless steel enables you to preserve vitamins and minerals while cooking. 

  • Cello offers an anti-rust coating to avoid any germs.
  • You can handle the products quickly and cleanly without any hassles.
  • They are compatible with both gas stoves and induction cooktops.
  • It utilizes 18/18 stainless steel with a mirror finish to handle everything.
  • It comes with one glass lid for both the utensils.

4. Stahl Triply Stainless Steel Artisan Kadhai with Lid

Stahl Triply Stainless Steel Art

The Stahl Triply Kadai is synonymous with perfection. They are providing everyone with an effective cookware solution at an affordable price. It is a part of their artisan collection and brings immense quality. You get 360-degree spill-proof pour technology on this Kadai and tons of other features. 

You can have a safe, enjoyable cooking experience with Stahl’s Stainless steel wok. The different layers include different versions of stainless steel and heat distribution materials. 

There’s little to no sticking on the surface. It makes Stahl one of the best stainless steel cookware brands. 

  • It is 100% safe for cooking food.
  • Users get even heat distribution with a large surface area.
  • You can utilize it on induction, gas, and electric cooktops.
  • The easy to clean Kadai also saves gas and energy.
  • There is a three-year warranty on this Kadai.
  • The base can overheat on very high flames.

5. Vinod Stainless steel induction friendly Modena cookware set

Vinod Stainless steel induction

Vinod stainless steel is a name synonymous with excellent quality cooking. It is one of the best triply cookware in India. 

You will get a Kadai, Saucepan, and Fryingpan of the best quality. The brand of cookware saw its conception in our country.

Their affordable 3 Pcs cooking set covers every need in your kitchen. The body of the utensils is of high tolerance and will bring a shiny silver glow to your kitchen. 

The Vinod modena cookware set is easy to cook and clean. You can expect long-lasting durability. Many buyers find it a value-for-money purchase because of the affordable price tag. 

  • The body of the utensils is heavy with a shiny finish.
  • It is induction and electric stove compatible.
  • The products are environmentally friendly.
  • You get even heat distribution with an aluminum core for cooking food.
  • The handles lack a silicone coating which can become very hot.

6. Solimo Stainless Steel Handi Set

Solimo Stainless Steel Handi Set

The Solimo stainless steel handi set is an in-house amazon manufacturer. They are offering the best quality products with affordable pricing. It’ll solve the majority of your cooking and serving needs at home. 

These come in varying sizes according to the type of use. There are also a lot of customization options during the purchase. It is perfect for everyday use around the kitchen and dining table. You get four different stainless steel utensils at a very reasonable price. The sizes of the handi are 750ml, 1100ml, 1500ml, and 1900ml. The cookware uses durable and 100% food-grade stainless steel materials. 

  • The Solimo stainless steel set is ultimately dishwasher friendly.
  • Perfect for heating water and milk along with serving purposes.
  • The utensils are heavy, and the total weight is 1.2 KG.
  • It is compatible with gas and electric stovetops.
  • You can mix and match the variants for other additions to the set.
  • It is ideal for serving purposes and not heavy cooking.

7. Bergner Argent Stainless Steel Tara/Tesla With Lid

Bergner Argent Stainless Steel Tara/Tesla With Lid

The Bergner Tara is the best stainless steel cookware set in India. It comes with a stainless steel lid to retain the moisture in food. It utilizes Triply technology for the perfect cooking results. You can get equal heat across the utensil. 

The design helps you cook food twice as fast as regular stainless steel products. The flared rims help out in a dripless pour. It is best suited for cooking at low and medium flames. You can also use it for storing and serving food at home. 

  • The coating uses 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum core.
  • It is a very thick and heavy utensil that brings durability.
  • You get a shiny mirror finish which makes it easy to clean.
  • Users can save gas and electricity with the fast heat distribution.
  • There are no handlebars on the product, and the lid is steel.

8. Borosil – Stainless Steel Sauce Pan with Lid

Borosil stainless steel

Borosil is a brand name synonymous with cooking utensils. You can get top quality food experience with the saucepan. It can be the right fit for boiling milk, water, and making tea. The impeccable design and sturdy build are perfect for home use. 

The Borosil name is synonymous with India’s best stainless steel cookware brand. There is a five-year warranty on the bottom layer. It uses triply technology to give you the best results in the kitchen. You get a secure and comfortable grip on the handle and lid.



      • It uses an impact bond for the Triply layer of stainless steel bottom. 
      • You will get uniform heat across the saucepan. 
      • The saucepan is compatible with all cooktops like gas, induction, hot plate, etc.  
      • Borosil provides energy saver technology on its products. 


      • The metal handle can get hot sometimes when cooking on a high flame. 

      9. Bergner Argent Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Kadhai

      Here’s another addition by the Bergner brand to our list. They are one of the top stainless steel brands in India. You can expect to cook tasty food with this Kadai at your disposal. 

      It uses triply technology for uniform heating across the utensil. The construction of the inner body is with 18/10 stainless steel, the middle layer of aluminum, and 18/0 stainless steel. 

      Bergner has done a tremendous job with this Kadai. It comes with an inbuilt measurement scale for ease of access. The product is the best triply cookware in India. Bergner provides a 2L capacity on this cookware. 

      • The Kadai works on all heat sources for cooking.
      • It has flared corners for an effective pour that will not spill curry all over.
      • With the Bergner label, you get a “stay cool” handle with this Kadai for easy carry.
      • The stainless steel coating is entirely scratch resistant.
      • Cooks get an easy-to-use handle on the lid.
      • The utensil can lose shine over time after regular use.

      10. Stahl Triply Stainless Steel Artisan Tope with Lid

      Stahl Triply Stainless Steel Artisan Tope with Lid

      We have yet another addition from Stahl on this list. Currently, we are taking a look at the Artisan tope on sale by them. It is the best on the list that you can get. You get top-notch quality and a sturdy build. The stainless steel cookware provides professional cooking at home. 

      You can expect to save costs on fuel expenses with this efficient design. The 18 CM diameter provides you with a 2.1L capacity. The artisan collection is a must-have for your home. The induction-friendly cookware also works with other stoves. 

      • The tope utilizes 100% food-grade stainless steel for cooking.
      • It is easy to use and clean for everyday use.
      • The food does not stick to the surface while cooking if you oil it well.
      • Stahl provides you with a metal lid to keep your food warm and retain moisture.
      • You can use it for boiling milk, water, and making tea.
      • It does not come with a handle for easy carrying around the kitchen.

      Best Stainless Steel Cookware Brands in India

      Stainless steel has become the gold standard in every modern Indian kitchen. Let’s take a look at some of the common names. After careful research, we share a compiled list of some of India’s best kitchen utensils brands. 

      1. Vinod Stainless Steel cookware 

      Vinod is a well-known brand name in the kitchen utensils industry. They are known for their reliability over the years. The product’s design keeps different uses of them in mind. All of their cookware is ISI-approved. You can expect excellence in the cooking department with their Kadai, pressure cookers, frying pans, etc. They offer a range of over 400+ products to their customers. 

      2. Prestige stainless steel cookware 

      Prestige is a brand that is synonymous with quality utensils in India. They are one of the most recognizable names in this industry. 

      They make every product on safety, innovation, durability, and trust pillars. You are getting the latest food technology with every Prestige purchase. 

      3. Hawkins Stainless Steel Cookware

      Hawkins is yet another Indian brand that is a household name. They utilize triply technology to make cooking a pleasure with all utensils. You can also see sandwich bottom technology in some of their cookware. It is a reputable brand that provides durability and long-term use to its customers. 

      4. Sumeet stainless steel cookware

      Sumeet is a little lesser-known brand but brings premium quality in its products. They have come a long way from the initial days of the organization. 

      You can expect reliable performance from all of their stainless steel cookware. Cooks get access to the best quality with their wide range of product catalogs. 

      5. Cello stainless steel cookware

      Cello has been in the world of kitchenware and utensils forever. It is a name that is a common occurrence in Indian households. Everything from water bottles, appliances, and cookware is available from their brand. They are celebrating 60+ years of manufacturing in 2022. 

      6. BERGNER stainless steel cookware

      Bergner is an international brand. They have provided kitchen solutions since 1999. You can also get signature lines for famous chefs like Vikas Khanna through them.

      You can see their utensils all around Europe and India. This brand can get professional, luxury, and home-use stainless steel products. 

      7. Meyer stainless steel cookware

      Meyer is another international brand that provides top-notch quality in its products. They have been in the business since 1951. It is known to make strides of innovation in the cooking field. You can access 200+ ranges of stainless steel products on their website. They offer a 100% safety guarantee on their utensils to keep you and your family safe. 

      These were some of the top steel utensil brands in India. You can give them a try and find out which is the perfect fit for your kitchen.  

      How To Choose A Stainless Steel Cookware 

      Are you new in the cooking department? Finding the right fit for your kitchen can be a tough job. Stainless Steel has been around since 1913. It is a metal that we utilize in our daily lives. Everything from utensils, appliances, and buildings use this impeccable invention. Here are a few things to look at before making your online purchase for the best stainless steel cookware. 


      There are different styles and versions of making stainless steel. It can have a significant impact on the kind of product that you are receiving. You can find the metal rating in the product description section of the website. Ideally, you should buy stainless steel with 18/8 or 18/10 grades. It defines the content of chromium and nickel in the steel. 18/8 means 18% chromium and 8% nickel in stainless steel. 


      The durability of a stainless steel product depends on the build quality and brand. This guide covers the best stainless steel cookware brands in India. The weight and thickness of the utensil can help you identify the product’s durability. 


      Often our cookware comes with a warranty to provide customer satisfaction. You can claim this warranty if your utensil gets rust or damaged with everyday use. Reputable brands can offer a guarantee of up to 5 years. 


      Cost is a significant factor during any purchase. Stainless steel products are often inexpensive and light on your pocket. A good quality utensil can range anywhere from INR 1000 to INR 3500, depending on the brand’s features. You can make the purchase depending on your budget. There are always options available on the cheaper side as well. It’s not sensible to expect top quality if you are skimming out on the purchase. 


      Many reputable utensil brands utilize stainless steel to manufacture the best products. We discuss some of the best kitchen utensils brand in India here. These range from prestige, Borosil, Meyer, axiom, Vinod, etc. You can expect top-notch quality with these options. Try them out to make an informed decision on your purchase. 

      Frequently Asked Questions: 

      There can be a lot of questions on your mind after this read. We want to provide you with an understandable solution to all your problems. Let’s look at some FAQs about the best stainless steel cookware in India. 

      1. What is in stainless steel?

        Stainless steel is a strong alloy that comprises Iron and Carbon. There can be additional minerals to improve the different properties of the metal. They also have at least 10.5% chromium metal in stainless steel. Some brands also use nickel. In cookware, it ranges from 0% to 18%, and thus the rating system is also born.  

      2. What is stainless steel used for?

        Stainless steel is a versatile alloy. It has a lot of unique use cases across different industries. In this article, we cover the use of this alloy in kitchen utensils. You can also see it in the day-to-day use of appliances, buildings, vehicles, etc. 

      3. Is stainless steel a good material?

        The alloy is one of the most durable and reliable materials available in manufacturing. It does not get brittle at extraordinarily high or cold temperatures. Thus it is a suitable fit for kitchen utensils and storing food. 

      4. Is stainless steel cookware harmful to health?

        No, Stainless steel cookware is not harmful to our health. The quality of the material defines the safety of a product. If you end up buying fake and cheap products, it can be harmful to your health. 

      5. Does stainless steel make good cookware?

        It is an excellent material for making utensils. The alloy has become a popular option in kitchens around the world. It is a non-toxic, easy to use, clean, and durable option. So, yes, stainless steel makes good cookware. 

      6. Why stainless steel cookware is the best?

        The whole article is a testament to why stainless steel cookware is the best for your kitchen. Scientifically, it can handle scorching hot temperatures and still doesn't get any burn marks. The cookware distributes heat evenly across the surface. It helps in the uniform cooking of food. The only con can be a lack of non-stick coating on the stainless steel utensils. 


      Stainless steel is a top-of-the-line product that has been around ever since the 20th century. It is a popular alloy with significance in our daily life. It is a lifesaver in the modern-day kitchen. Cooking with stainless steel is a joy, especially utensils which come with non-stick coating.

      The alloy neither corrodes nor reacts to alkaline or acidic foods. It also has high resistance and doesn’t dent. Often stainless steel comes with a triply bottom coating to spread heat evenly. It is the best long-term investment you can make for your kitchen. The best stainless steel cookware brands are here. Try them out and see the results with tasty and hygienic food. 

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