Tata Nano EV Price, Launch Date, Features, Range [2022 Review]

Are you looking forward to new and affordable electric vehicles? Well, your wait is almost over as the brand new Tata Nano EV is about to be launched into the market. Right now, you must be wondering what this new and rebranded model of Tata Nano has to offer.

In this article, we will give you a in depth description of things like Tata Nano EV’s price, launch date, various features, and range. 

In reality, a photo of Ratan Tata, the former chairman of Tata Motors, holding a new and improved version of the Tata Nano EV has gone viral on social media in recent days. There was a period when the Tata Nano was the cheapest car available in India, and it ruled the market.

But since it did not live up to expectations, Tata Motors eventually discontinued producing it. So, let us dig into the features of this replenished version of the Tata Nano electric vehicle. 

TATA Nano EV Launching date


Tata Nano EV Features and Range:

The Tata Nano Electric, manufactured by Electra EV, has a similar appearance to the standard Nano. However, on the inside, a 72V battery pack has been installed. However, Electra EV offers a wide range of battery options, ranging from 48V to 750V.

These battery packs have been tested and approved by ARAI to the AIS 048 standard. These packs can work in temperatures ranging from sub-zero to more than 55 degrees Celsius, which makes the vehicle usable anywhere in the world. The motor’s specifications and performance data are yet to be revealed. 

A 48-volt electric motor with a maximum output of 23 horsepower is supposed to power the Tata Nano Electric. The new model’s weight was expected to be around 800 kilograms, whereas the petrol-powered Nano weighed up to 765 kilograms and had a 623cc twin-cylinder engine.

On a single charge, the Nano Electric would have provided an ARAI-rated range of 200 kilometers. The electric Nano would have had a range reduced to 140 kilometers with four passengers and air conditioning.

The new Tata Nano model has enhanced features like electric power steering, air conditioner, front power windows, central locking with remote, 12V power socket, Bluetooth, aux-in, multi-information display, and metallic paint options.

It has several driving modes and keyless entry for a smooth driving experience. The driver’s seat has a height-adjustable technology that ensures the comfort of the driver. 

Tata Nano EV Expected Price in India:

The price of the Tata Nano EV has not been announced to the public yet. Generally, electric vehicles are cheaper than petrol cars as they are meant to be affordable for most people. 

Given the number of specifications, the expected price of the Tata Nano electric vehicle is somewhere between 3 lakhs and 5 lakhs. The electric car has a range of approximately 160 kilometers. Hence, this price range suits it the most. 

Mahindra e20 plus (Mahindra has stopped its production) was valued at Rs.7.48 lakhs. The Storm R3 electric car was around Rs.4.5 lakhs. The upcoming KIA Soul EV is priced at $35,000 in the US market, which is approximately equal to Rs. 27 lakhs.

The KIA Soul promises a range of 280 kilometers on a single charge. The Maruti Suzuki WagonR electric vehicle, which is expected to roll out by 2025, will have a price of around Rs. 9 lakhs. If the Tata Nano EV is launched at our estimated price, then it will be the lowest-priced electric car in the Indian market. 

Tata Nano EV Launch Date in India:

The company’s current goal is to launch ten Tata Nanos by 2025. The Nano is expected to enter the Indian market by 2025, according to estimates. However, given the market’s growing demand for electric vehicles, the company may be able to prepare it even sooner.

Three months ago, in a LinkedIn post, Electra EV revealed the new updated version of the Tata Nano EV with Ratan Tata, former chairman of Tata Motors. In fact, Electra EV was also founded by Ratan Tata. This firm specializes in electric car powertrains.

Since then, the social media post, which also had Ratan Tata’s assistant Shantanu Naidu, has gone viral. People have been speculating on the launch date of the electric car since then, although as yet nothing has been officially announced. 

Tata Nano Electric Design:

In terms of design, the front, electric grill on the electric Nano is identical to that on the Chinese version of the Baojun E200. The squared-off wheel arches, crisp creases dividing the tailgate, and round-shaped taillights are the other highlights upfront, much like on the gasoline cars with wrap-around taillights at the rear.

Despite this, the Nano EV has only two seats and a turning radius of fewer than four meters, making it ideal for city driving. 

Again, in terms of the interior, the Nano has a contemporary interior design that will delight you with plenty of space. The car has a 7.0-inch touchscreen screen and a digital instrument cluster with all the latest technology, including ADAS (Advanced Driver Assist System), an insulation malfunction alarm, and battery protection.

The Tata Nano EV will come in colors like matte grey, white, yellow, leaf green, and sky blue. So, color is something you need not worry about because you have plenty of options to choose from.   


Is there any discount on the Tata Nano EV?

No, as of now, there has not been a single announcement regarding the price or the launch date of the Tata Nano EV. So, no discount has been levied on the electric car. 

Is the Tata Nano electric?

Yes, the new updated version of the Tata Nano EV will entirely function on batteries, which means it is electric in nature. 


Electric vehicles are becoming the talk of the town nowadays as people are becoming more conscious of our environment. Not only that, electric cars are very much on budget and are affordable.

Surely, the launch of the newly supervised Tata Nano EV will bring a wave of disruption to the Indian market for electric cars. And moreover, we expect it to be the cheapest ever electric car.

Given the specifications and designs, the Tata Nano will become too good a buy within the Rs. 5 lakh range. However, the question still persists. Will the electric vehicle will meet the public’s expectations? Well, for that we have to patiently wait for 2025 to come.

We hope that this article clears all your doubts about the upcoming Tata Nano electric vehicle. Stay tuned with us for more such posts!

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