​​Which is the Best Steel For House Construction

Building a house can be a stressful job for any family. If you are starting from scratch, you need to consider every minor detail. Steel becomes one of the essential materials to begin the process.

Thus, the question pops up Which is the best steel for house construction | Best TMT Bar in India? The House construction industry depends heavily on different materials. TMT steel bars are a must-have for reinforcements for your house. 

It brings the necessary strength and durability to your home. The construction process can be a crucial time in any home. Everything needs to be perfect, and the best TMT bar is where you can start. 


Which company Steel is Best For House Construction

The options are immense when looking at the steel brands in India. You can have a tough time selecting the perfect opportunity for your home. Often the people working on the construction decide to choose the type of steel.

Here your involvement needs to be high to make the right decision. Let’s help you out with finding the perfect fit for your blueprint. Here are the top 10 steel and TMT bar options for your home. 

1. Shyam Steel Industries Ltd:


The Shyam steel group has been in business since 1953. They have a great hold in manufacturing and sales of TMT bars for construction. It is known for its safe and sustainable steel products. You can rely on their materials for building the skeleton of your house. They have an integrated steel plant in Durgapur, where all the manufacturing happens. 

About TMT ReBar Fe 500D

The steel TMT rebars from Shyam steel are known for their consistent quality and dimension. They can tolerate the intense pressure of keeping together a house structure. It comes with superior stability and high strength to weight ratio. 

Advantages of Shyam Steel 

Shyam steel bolsters multiple uses and benefits for their TMT rebars. Their most popular brand is known as TMT rebar Fe 500D. They are suitable for heavy loads of construction. You can expect to see them during the construction of bridges, flyovers, and much more. At the same time, they do not compromise on flexibility. It is a very cost-effective solution for building houses.  

2. Tata Steel:


Tata steel is one of the most reliable names in the industry. The multinational steelmaking company has its headquarters in Mumbai. Most of their steel manufacturing expertise comes from Jamshedpur. 

They are known to provide the best quality through TMT. Their products are a part of megaprojects like the Bandra-Worli sea link. 

About Tata Tiscon: 

Tata’s unique TMT brand is known as TISCON. It has been around since 2000 and is synonymous with strength. The superior quality is a result of the constantly evolving technological advancements. It is India’s first TMT rebar option available to everyone. It can be of the options as the right purchase for building a house in 2022. 

Advantages of Tata Steel:

Tata steel rebars have superior strength, so you need to use fewer rebars. It will help you save money on construction costs too. The flexibility features help you make the house earthquake resistant. Their production is also eco-friendly as the brand follows sustainable manufacturing practices. 

3. JSW Steel Ltd:

JSW Steels

JSW Steel is a multinational steel brand from India. They are the second-largest steelmaking company in India in the private sector. You can see them in business since 1982. JSW has multiple plants across the country.

Thus, it is one of the easiest to access for people building houses. Their steel is a part of a ton of megaprojects. India’s first-ever Ikea building, The Yamuna expressway, and the DFC railroad are a few examples. 

About JSW Neosteel 

JSW utilizes the primary production process to ensure purity and superior quality for Neosteel. Their production comes through excellent mills in Italy and USA. 

It uses high-strength HYQST (High yield quantity + Self tempered) technology. The steel can avoid tensile stress as a part of concrete buildings.  

Advantages of JSW Steel 

JSW manufactures TMT bars from iron ore directly. It reduces the chances of having impurities like Sulphur and Phosphorus. Now, you can rely on them for the highest strength in their products.

Their bars have a perfect ring at each end, meaning consistency throughout the TMT. Neosteel also bonds quickly with cement, helping you build a durable home for generations to come. 

4. SAIL:


SAIL or Steel Authority of India Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of steel. The public sector unit works under the Ministry of Steel in India. They have five integrated steel plants and three unique steel plants. 

You can see 50 different products from them for construction and manufacturing purposes. They bring you the best steel for house construction in India. 

About SAIL SeQR TMT Bars 

SeQR is a well-known brand for house construction in India. It is a perfect match for building a safe home for your family. Working on a building is easy with them because of their bend and rebend qualities. It also bonds well with cement and concrete. Thus, SeQR is one of the best TMT bars in India. 

Advantages of SAIL 

SAIL uses clean steelmaking processes to avoid any impurities. Their steel is resistant to corrosion and fires. Their TMT bars can increase resistance during earthquakes, cyclones, and tsunamis. It can be the best steel for house construction. 

5. Jindal Steel and Power Ltd:

Jindal Steel and Power

Jindal Steel and Power is a well-known brand in the steel industry. The New Delhi-based company is a part of the OP Jindal group. 

JSPL brings a considerable stronghold in the steel, power, mining, infrastructure, and gas industries. 

It is the third-largest steel producer in the country. They have been known for their high-quality steel and TMT bars since 1979. 

About Jindal Panther 

JSPL’s brand of TMT is known as Jindal Panther. The brand boasts an illustrious legacy of reliability and strength for house construction. Some of the most iconic projects of India utilize the Jindal panther.

Some examples are Film City in Noida, Sands Infinit in Kochi, Bogibeel Bridge in Assam, and the Kochi Metro. You can trust them to be the best steel for house construction in India. 

Advantages of Jindal Steel and Power 

There are tons of advantages to purchasing TMT from Jindal steel and power. It is an economical purchase as you can save up to 6% on steel. They utilize virgin iron ore and ladle refining processes. Panther boasts some excellent flexibility and bendability. There’s a low level of carbon in the TMT, making it easy to weld during house construction. 

6. ESSAR Steel Ltd:

ESSAR Steel Ltd

Essar is a famous multinational conglomerate. It’s been up and running since 1976 in the steelmaking business. You can find their steel mills all across India. It is now a part of the Aditya Birla group. 

They provide solutions for construction, manufacturing, energy, and IT. Stecol International Pvt. Ltd. is a prominent distributor selling Essar TMT. 

About Essar TMT 

Stecol sells TMT bars of Fe 500, Fe 500 D, and Fe 550 quality. You can get multiple sizes ranging from 8mm to 40mm. It is one of the best steel for house construction. The products go through rigorous testing and quality assurance by SGS India. 

Advantages of Essar TMT

There are a lot of benefits to using Essar TMT for building a home. Natural disasters are unavoidable, but Essar will keep your house strong. Their TMT bars are earthquake, cyclone, and fire-resistant. It’s also easy to work with during construction for welders. There’s tempered martensite outside and fine grain ferrite-pearlite inside for bendability. 

7. VISA Steel:

VISA Steel

Visa steel limited is a private steel manufacturing business. The manufacturing of this steel happens in Kalinga Nagar in Odisha. The headquarters of VISA steel is in Kolkata. It is a relatively new brand, starting its operations in 1996. They offer high-carbon ferrochrome steel to their customers. 

About their Products 

VISA works in various segments of bars and wire rods. These are available in sizes ranging from 5.50mm to 63mm. You can use them for the construction purposes of your home. 

Their steel bars are significant contributors to the automobile industry. Lots of builders prefer this brand over others because of the low cost. 

Advantages of VISA Steel 

VISA steel provides you with a reliable and affordable building solution. It is one of the best TMT bars in India. You can procure this steel online from many websites like India mart. The price per tonne of this product ranges from INR 80,000 to INR 90,000. 

8. Electro Steel:

Electro Steel

Electro steel or ESL is now a part of the Vedanta group. The company has had plans to expand in the field ever since its inception. Recently, Vedanta got a 90% controlling stake in Electro steel. ESL produces high-quality TMT bars with their integrated steel manufacturing processes. 


The V-XEGA brand of ESL uses clean iron ore to produce high-quality TMT. Different grades of steel provide multiple options for your house during construction. They offer Fe500D, Fe550D, etc., which follow the IS standards. 

A sturdy foundation is a must for any home. V-XEGA contains no impurities of sulfur or phosphorus. You can expect any house built with this TMT to stand tall years after construction. 

Advantages of Electro steel 

ESL ensures heat and corrosion resistance with the rib pattern on their bars. Builders find it easy to work with because of its easy bendability and welding benefits. The seismic strength of this TMT is impeccable, making your house earthquake-proof. It’s the best TMT bar in India for house construction. 

9. SRMB Steel:

SRMB Steel

The SRMB steel group is a well-known name in the industry. Radha Kishan Beriwala is responsible for starting the company in 1951. The headquarters of SRMB are present in Kolkata, India. Their popular clients include DLF, Hindalco, Indian railways, and many other big names. 

About SRMB 500 + SR WinGrip TMT 

SRMB 500 + is one of the best TMT bars in India. The rivets on the bars utilize the latest WinGrip technology to adhere easily to cement. Research and development in the field of steel manufacturing are essential. After years of perfection, they are providing seismic-resistant TMT. It is one of the only manufacturers on this list providing Fe 415 D grade steel. 


Superior strength is undoubtedly for SRMB anyone buying TMT bars for their home. With this purchase, you can expect to get improved elongation, welding, and elasticity. A house should be capable of bearing a huge load. Their TMT has a high fatigue resistance property through dynamic loading technology. 

10. MESCO Steel:

 MESCO Steel

MESCO Steel is a subsidiary of Mideast integrated steel ltd. (MISL) organization. The mining industry has very few active businesses. They are a big player in the iron ore extraction and steelmaking industry. You can find their headquarters in New Delhi. The company has been up and running since 1992. 

About MESCO products

MISL is operational in two different plans in Kalinga Nagar in Odisha. Their core products are the raw materials essential for TMT like pig iron, iron ore fines, and calibrated lump ore. It is, however, not known for the production of TMT bars. 


Many TMT bar manufacturers utilize MESCO or MISL for their raw materials. It is good to know where your steel is coming from while working on house construction. 

11. Kamdhenu Steel:

Kamdhenu Steels

Kamdhenu Steel is a well-known brand in the steel manufacturing and distribution industry. International quality meets affordable pricing with this brand. 

You can expect durability, strength, flexibility, and dependence with their products. Technological advancements from Belgium are a part of developing the best steel for house construction. 

About Kamdhenu NXT/PAS 10000

Kamdhenu NXT and PAS 10000 are the two unique brands of TMT bars. NXT is known for its interlock features, whereas PAS is a power alloy steel. Both the steel products are suitable for creating a durable home. Every family wants to have longevity in their new home. Their steel can be the best option you can choose. 

Advantages of Kamdhenu steel 

The double-angle ribs on their TMT bars help interlock with cement or concrete. It will develop a strong bond with the building blocks of your home. Corrosion can be a considerable risk for any steel. 

You can rely on NXT and PAS 10000 because of their anti-rust properties. Make the right choice by purchasing it for your house construction in India. 

What are the Types of Steel Bars?

You’ll be left scratching your heads while identifying the different types of steel bars. Steel bars are essential for any construction activities. Let’s understand what civil engineers use while working on a project. Five unique types of steel bars are necessary for building structures. 

Mild and twisted steel bars are also two unique types of steel bars. Soft bars are very smooth and don’t have any ribs, whereas twisted bars come with ribs. These ribs increase the bonding capacity with cement and increase strength. 

Welded steel wires consist of weld meshes to keep everything together. These are beneficial in the construction of fences and partitions. 

Hot-rolled deformed bars or better known as TMT, are a common occurrence. These are known for their high tensile strength as well as flexibility. Cold rolled steel bars use the exact opposite process. These look very similar to TMT but are unstable and easily bendable. 

TMT Bars can also come in different grades. You would’ve seen us mentioning Fe 500D in the guide. Here Fe is the short form of Ferrous (scientific name of Iron), 500 stands for the minimum stress in N/mm2. The D stands for donating that the bar is ductile. 

Reason to use TMT Bars For House Construction:

TMT Bars have become an industry standard for constructing houses and more around the world. They help in solving the problem of strength and support for buildings. In the past, concrete was the sole material for building homes.

These buildings, however, face the risk of damage due to earthquakes. TMT Bars offer reinforcements to buildings and make them earthquake-proof. Thus, these steel bars are often also known as reinforcement bars or rebars. Here are a few detailed pointers to better understand why to use TMT Bars. 

Rib design to increase strength:

Often TMT bars come with a ribbed design which creates an interlocking mechanism. The cement can easily stick around the steel bars. It increases the tensile strength of the buildings significantly. 

Resistance to corrosion:

Rust is the biggest enemy of any steel product. It can significantly harm the structure of your building and pose the risk of getting damaged. TMT can stay corrosion free for decades, thus keeping your home safe. 

Easy to work: 

TMT is easy to work with because of its malleable nature. Welding and bending are standard practices during construction. The pliable nature of the steel helps us do this without reducing the strength. 

Fire resistance: 

Fire breaking out is a significant hazard for any homeowner. We have no control over when accidental fires might break out. However, we do have control over choosing our steel bar during construction. TMT bars are heavily fire-resistant, ensuring the structure remains intact. 

Earthquake Resistance: 

Earthquakes can happen anywhere at any time. In many regions in India, it is a significant risk. TMT bars can protect your home from natural disasters like Earthquakes, Cyclones, and tsunamis. These are common occurrences in regions like Odisha, Delhi, and Maharashtra. 

Safe for Environment: 

The production process of TMT is safe for the environment. It doesn’t release any harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. At the same time, when TMT outlives itself, you can recycle it easily. There is no loss of quality in reusing the steel bars. 

Logistical reasons: 

TMT Bars are lightweight and thus very easy to transport. You can receive them in bulk at affordable rates. Steel beams at the same time can be significantly heavier. Builders prefer to use a mix of beams and TMT bars in many cases. Doing this will help you save a lot of money on transport and storage costs. 

These are some arguments as to why one should use TMT for construction. You can consider them while building your new family home. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

There can be a lot of doubts while checking this critical detail for construction. This section will try to answer all of your doubts regarding the best TMT bar in India.

  1. Which steel is best for house construction?

    TMT Steel or TMX steel is the perfect fit for building a new home. The reinforcement properties will help you build a strong foundation for your home. There are a lot of unique brands to choose from in this list. You cannot go wrong with some of the biggest brands like Tata steel or JSW. 

  2. What is the cost of 1 ton of steel?

    The cost of 1 ton of steel depends on the manufacturer. It can range from INR 40,00 to INR 80,000 depending on the quality. You can check Indiamart to find the latest rates from wholesalers. 

  3. Which steel is used for construction?

    TMT or Rebar steel is the most common version of steel used for construction. In some situations, mild steel and stainless steel are also good options. 

  4. Which TMT bar is best for a roof?

    TMT Bars from brands like Tata Steel, JSW, Jindal, or Kamdhenu can be suitable for roofs. It is best to use Fe 500 or Fe 550 grade steel. 


Every family wants to build a sturdy home for themselves with the best materials. The hunt for the best TMT steel for house construction can be tiring. There are many options in the market, but it’s often difficult to choose the right one.

Sometimes even the best civil engineers make mistakes. Thus, it becomes crucial to do your research alongside. There are some big brands that you can consider while making the purchase. These bring reliability and durability along with the name. Everything ranging from SAIL, Tata, JSW, Jindal, and much more is the perfect combination for you. 

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